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  1. The peeps on PR did start calling it the heartbeat of the case.. :) There was so much that could have been done with it... but as they say ... hind sight is 20.20 hehe.... I am going to have to get back down to my house I apparently had not sync'd the folder that the design was in to my laptop and I am at a friends but I think I should be able to get it out by the weekend... :)
  2. ??? You never got it? I sent it a long time ago :-\ I never heard from you so I assumed you had gotten it. I havn't gotten any e-mail's I will build another one and send it again with a way to track it.. UPS delivers to Canada I assume? USPS is ticking me off :( I have lost so much money on them loosing stuff the past 6 months :( I am sorry man... I will have it out this week and will PM you a Tracking Number... BTW.... The Case of Hope project it went into was sold. but it didnt go as high as we expected.... but everyone loved the Gem and circuit.
  3. well shoot lol.... I thought someone might have replied about a proper opto setup.. ::) I think its just a matter of cool and asteticly pleasing application when it comes to the PC.... I am wanting to know for another PC application.... but mine is for controling brightness of LED's :) which are rated from 30 to 180mA accordingly.. so I would have to use the opto...
  4. Anyone have a quick diagram of the DS1669 coupled with a op-Amp to control higher current loads than the DPP is capable of? Thanks
  5. Yeah I am looking for a quantity order of them not huge but more than a few lol.. Thats what I actually did for the my proto-type.... I have a lead on the 4pin Molex plug at DigiKey thanks to "Cre" but still looking for a suitable supplier on the ATX 20 pin
  6. I have been looking high and low and inbetween but cant seem to find a reasonable supplier for two connectors I need... I am needing ATX sockets (as found on motherboards) and 4 pin Vert. Molex Sockets that a Computer PSU would plug into.. Both PCB mount ATX Socket (20 pin) 4 Pin Molex Verticle PC Mount *this is horizontal but I want Verticle* I am looking for the cheapest price I can get as I will need ALOT of them... Anyone have any sources?
  7. Thanks audioguru, I will give that a go in the morning.. Right now I am about to crash.. Just need to make one more post looking for a supplier for a couple parts I need... thanks for the input I will let you know what happens..
  8. Yeah I spaced my timer connection to the 4017.... I will look into that LM331... The Thermistor I have from the thermal probe ranged from around 50K down to around 3K from ice cold around body temperature... If I had a way to lock it at around 90K and it would lower to around 30K I would be ok using it and keeping the circuit simple... but locking it into that range is kinda beyond me at the moment lol.... I will just have to keep tinkering.....
  9. I tired to put a NTC Thermistor in series and in parallel with the Resistor on the RC to achieve this and it did not work out as I thought it would. As far as the Timer Cap discharge the Timer works fine just as I have it layed out and pulses the 4017 Cmos just as it should.. not sure what I am doing wrong with it.. Anyway you could draw me out a simple sketch of what you are refering to though I may be missunderstanding you on the possitoin of the NTC...
  10. Not sure why you say its not complete as it is... but I will look into that page... the thing is I need this to change relitive to the temperature of the Computers CPU Heat Sink with no physical tuning by me.... which is why I wanted to use a Thermistor which I seen nothing on that page that covered that unless I looked over it....
  11. Sorry for the late reply lol but it being Christmas and all ::).... anyway.... Yes I was putting the Thermistor in the RC circuit Its a NTC Thermistor commonly found on Computer Thermal Probes such as a CompuNurse and such.. Thin film.... Anyway... Here is the general schematic I just came up with cause I had the parts on hand... it will basically produce a heartbeat like pulse from the two arrays of LED's Bump... Bump................Bump... Bump...................Bump... Bump..... Ect.... Anyway... What I am trying to do is have it at around a normal heartbeat maybe slightly slower than a
  12. What is a Thermistor? A Thermistor is a Thermal Resistor where as its resistance is determined by the themperature around it either negtively (i.e. the hotter it is the lower the resistance) or Positive (i.e. the hotter it is the higher the resistance) I will post a drawing of the schem as soon as possible as I havent done it yet and I will be leaving for a meeting in just a few. Thanks...
  13. Ok... I am working on a rather simple circuit to produce a heartbeat... nothing particularly special just a 4017 using a 555 timer for the clock. What I need to do is get the timer to be a certain speed at normal temp (set by a pot) and when a device a thermistor or the like is connected to gets warmer it will cause the Timer to speed up to look like the heart is pumping faster.. I just cant figure out a decent way to get a notable change of speed.. I have some very small Thermistors off of some PC Temperature display devices. I am not sure of the 25c temp as I have no controlled way to find o
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