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  1. I found youtube to be a great help when I want to learn how to do something.


    Just now, i visited the site, there are some topics are useful. In the site, i saw the article about repair laptop keyboard, I was anxious for my laptop with keyboard these days, I can try to repair my own.

  2. It's easy, use phase control.

    To adjust the brightness, alter the delay of firing of the thyristor, the later the firing, the dimmer it will be.

    Thank you very much about your suggestion. I want to try.
  3. You buy an inverter from your local electronics store, here's a link to one: http://www.maplin.co.uk/600w-dc-12v-to-ac-230v-power-invertor-48724

    Thank you very much. If i want to buy laptop inverter, this site can be a good reference site.
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