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  1. dont mind that 0V battery sir.., its just an error... one question sir..., can a 9V battery can actually light up the entire LEDs??? or just stick to 24v DC???
  2. i have a .jpg file here attached..., can u please see it..., i need help badly.., tnx
  3. can someone help me to design a blinking LED's which contain 6 branches which has the following numbers of LEDs for each branch: 1st branch = 13 LEDs 2nd branch = 10 LEDs 3rd = 8 LEDs 4th = 12 LEDs 5th = 5 LEDs 6th = 14LEDs i try to use a astable 555 timer but the intensity of the output of the light are not equal for eacg branches.., attached here is a "livewire" file that i used for simulation.... tnx for response if any..., tnx.., good day blinkingLED.rar
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