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  1. You mentioned Practical Electronics for Inventors. I have a 2000 copyright edition, and i understand the most recent is 2005. I have not seen the first edition, nor the 2005, however, usually, (not always) Authors update and add information for any changes, or newer technology. I also agree with prior post that the Art of Electronicsis an good starting place
  2. is there an electronics ebook for hacking sub-assemblies into project ideas, or finding new uses for used electronics. for example turning an old CD player into a function generator, stripping out unrelated sub-assemblies, inserting a function generator, while using existing digital readout, and related faceplate buttons, etc? Or, converting an old Cassette deck into something that uses some of the sub-assemblies already in the deck? I don't know what, say, a combined DSL router and print server? Alternatively, an idea book for this type of hack projects? I have been to the Instructables, many are just silly or dumb. others are clever, yet have a clumsy housing. Any input, suggestions, or suggested starting points would be greatly appreciated.
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