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  1. My mate used the laser printer technique and it works a treat for simple/low-current circuits. i have one question with power circuits that need big tracks, is there any technique to achiev it without using an expensive solder flow machine (i notice on professional power pcb's they have a slight dome to the track) and if not is there any cheap uk pcb making places ?
  2. wow all this DTMF stuff sounds cool. DAM IT dont side track me from another project ! +"I before E eccept after C" hehe ;)
  3. Hi, MylarHornet ok its late so im going to go through what you said, in theory it sounds good and at a quick look its cheaper then this example (in the 'on' semicondutor datasheet)(thought it might be useful) i just spent some time looking through retail psu's to get an idea of comman specs so i can design mine with the best usable features. i might include two adjustable postive rails and a single negative rail. Ive come to this conclusion after thinking about how iam going to be using it and certain situations back at uni where i had to use 2 psu's ive hunted down the best price for spec
  4. thanks ill have a look, ill draw up al my ideas into a design and keep all my developments to this thread ;) i have had a look through the articles on this site and here aswell http://www.discovercircuits.com/P/pwr-variable.htm (moderators please delete if in-appropriate). ive started to get an idea of the whole parts list and chassis dimensions. If you want to use a micro-controller to display the voltage and current have a look at analogue devices ADUC812, an excellant microcontroller for applications like this, although it is abit excessive and
  5. Im currently designing (slowly as i have little free time) a varible voltage current limiting power supply, below are some of the features that i would like to incorporate; (bare with me as i ramble and am in the design/thinking stage still) varible rails ------------------ 0 to +30v (Imax ~2A) 0 to -30v (Imax ~1.5A) constant rail ------------------- 5v Imax ~2A current limiting ------------------- have no idea quite what todo but want to build this feature in microcontroller ------------------- AD 8051 (i got a couple of free samples, 14bit adc, 7 channels) lcd measuring voltage and cu
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