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  1. Dear Mr.Nibras, For Medical Instrumentations applications I am referring to you some of the following systems:- (a) Ultrasound Therapy Apparatus (b) Ultrasonic Pulsed-Echo foetus Detectors © Ultrasonic Dental Drills for painless tooth extractions © High Frequency Vibratiory Body Massagers--For Rheumatic Patients (d) Ultrasonics Contact Lens Cleaning Apparatus (e) Ultrasonic Nebulisers--For Azmz & Hay-Fever Patients (f) Solid -State Diathermy Apparatus (g) Electro-Cardigraphs,etc.,etc Thanks. Gokar
  2. Hi All, I am urgently looking for some Books relating to :- EDM (Electronics Discharge Machining)/Spark-Erosion Machines Utrasonics Applications and Transducers Can anybody help me please? Thanks. Gokar
  3. Go to Electronics-lab Community Forum:- CIRCUITS / GENERAL REQUESTS here you will find many Ultrasonic Cleaners circuit diagrams by Hotwaterwizard and Gokar. Thanks.
  4. Yes! I have all of them. But I need some from you also.Which magazines you have? Gokar
  5. Build This Ultrasonic Cleaner---Pg-11 Pg----11.pdf
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