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  1. [move]hello all[/move] well if you can find a free copy of a service manual for this let me know please! make: sony model#: cdp-c445 i find many places that say they have it but most of them look like adware breeding grounds and i dont trust them anywho the mechanics seem screwed up but that will be an easy fix... if i know what to put where and when to do it ie the assy diagrams also there was a little black tab floating around inside i need to repair that with epoxy its funny what happens when you plug it in the drawer pops in and out and every other time it drops or picks up the disk... has a nice sound when you defeat the mechanisim and manually insert a cd but id like the mecanisim to work any help would be good ps i do have the remote thanks [move]i hope i dont seem too helpless but this place is like an electronics lifeline for me thanks[/move] [email protected]
  2. Thank you guys so much this little system is a pain im sorry i couldnt thank, ya earlier cus my pc crapped out on me and i had to reinstall EVERYTHING took a while... cus i got addicted to using the knoppix live cd i just got too lazy to re-install windows,, back to the subhect: this lil monster just blew its amp... its ok im still gonna need the circut... this has become a damage-control situation... im gonna ditch the cd player... (most of the mechanics were destroyed by kids) (i got this in a reposession of an apartment and couldnt resist fixing it up) here are my plans: remove the usb dac, remove front panel, remove control boards, and build them into a diffrent sys... main reason: lack of $$$ i have stereos all over the place but this was the only thing i had that could (under)power my 200W Marantz floor speakers also the usb part was cool... any ideas? ps i also got a kenwood ka-4002 amplifier... on the back it says it draws 102watts the only prob is... IT's DEAD i havent had the patients to go mucking about inside.. its very complex... i cant find the service manual for it either... too-bad... thanks and keep up the good work.. sorry for bragging... (im not exactly an audiophile i just like good sound at high volumes) Ps. yesterday wuz my birthday i turned 19 but dont let that fool ya i still am a very creative person and im very much into electronics (2)years of traning in a vo-ed class Thanks Mr. Macak (my electronics instructor) (sorry for the long post i got carried away)
  3. ok i got this thing as a gift its pretty cool! but downside... its finiky... you have to touch the tip just right also you dont tin the thing...weird... it seems sort of bogus 2 me my theory of operation: i thinks its a dc-dc converer like the ones found powering the light in your scanner... a astable multiviborator clock goes through a stepup transformer but with some sort of regulator for the thing so it dosent arc or put a hole thru your finger i have cut pcbs by using the arc from a scanners dc-dc converter and put holes thru the tips of my fingers... also melted solder and lit a cigarette i cant do anzthing with it its weird by the way it takes 4 AA batteries and they heat up terriblely my opinion... it makes a better flashlight then it does a soldering iron... i took a look inside... 1 little surface mount board... the main chipis a .... I don't know! you tell me! they grinded the ic # off!!! they really must not want this piece of junk copied! it could have been worse i might have had to pay for it... nope i got it as a gift...
  4. shure thanks!! my version of winzip must be on the fritz... if ya want e-mailme @ [email protected] and send the pdf as an attachment that would be grand!!! thanks :) (the mc-500 is cool not only is it an 80w stereo it also links to your pc) (you can browse mp3s on your hd via the remote) (problim is,,, mine just died)
  5. Hi i desprately need to get my hands on the schematic for this thing i queryed google and got this: http://www.eserviceinfo.com/download.php?fileid=12643 But when i download it all i get is an error message saying this is corrupt! im probaly an idiot but dont let that stop you from helping a guy out... Thanks _______________________________________________________________ HELP!
  6. This little guy is a monster inside!!!! i but you plug it in and .... nothing not even a pilot light ive checked the xfmer... its ok please help ...i have nothing to drive my marantz 200w housecrashers on!!!!
  7. About a year back my father was still using an Ibm 8088 XT with a 5600 baud Modem to surf around thru a librarys server I aquired a Colecovision Adam Computer a couple of months ago and it has a plug on the side labeled ADAMnet... It and its old tape drives work well i use it as a word processor because its daisy-wheel printer is so ledgable and i dont have to waste ink (works fine with the ribbonb that came from the factory:))
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