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  1. So I just solder a wire from the copper tape to join the curcuit at the nearest place to the negative terminal? & By The Way, when you call for 1M Audio taper (logarithmic) potentiometer, is that the same thing as 1 Meg...etc.?
  2. By the way, I found these--> http://www.allelectronics.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=340500&item=LED-94&type=store Ill probably use them.
  3. Alright, my last two questions. Sorry for all the questions. Im a Newb. :-[ What exactly is the curcuit's ground? Can you show me an axample of what you're talking about?
  4. Okay, I should be able to find Red/Orange Ultra-Bright 1.8V/2.2V at 20mA on allelectroinics.com or something right? But whats all this about joining the shielding to the circuit? If it's not too much trouble, can you explain why I would have to do this?
  5. So I can use Ultrabright Low voltage LEDs? that would be great because the smaller the cavity the better. I can get copper shielding tape like this to put in the cavity. Do you think it could work under the strings with that? I think ill use the regular chaser project you made before. So can I use the "3V LED Chaser" project and just substitute with ultrabright low voltage LEDs?
  6. Thanks for the advice. Im looking forward to the 6V Ultra-Bright LED Chaser. I figured the LEDs would make some kind of hum. The thing is is this is what us guitarists call a "project guitar". It's all hot-rodded with special pickups and stuff. I have broken pieces of mirror all over it and the only parts that aren't covered are the area under the strings and below the two pickups. So I guess I'll put it on the lower horn. Also, I forgot to ask, I'd like to put a on/off push switch in to turn it on and off. Maybe when you make the new mod circuit, you could tell what kind and where to put that in? Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone. Im 17 and new to electronics and this is going to be my first real project. I play guitar in a band and I want to install this project in my guitar under the strings, and between the pickups for a little added stage wowing. Here is a picture of a guitar similar to the one I want ot put this in.--> As I said I want to put it between the two pickups(2" gap), under the strings. I planned on making a back cavity (for those who don't know what that is, it's this)--> to house the project, and drill holes for the LEDs and pots. Question #1 is, Where can I get all the parts to make this project? #2 Will the project make a hum or buzz in my sound? #3 Any advice? Thanks to any and all responses.
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