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  1. Hi I am new here and have little electronics experience. I have a boat project and need to power two electric trolling motors using 2 - 12V batteries (one each). Each motor can go forward or reverse. I want to control the motors using a joystick. For example: joystick forward - both motors F; joystick pulled back - both motor R; joystick right, left motor F, Right motor R; joystick left - left motor R, right motor F. I know I need relays and fuses and of course joystick and appropriate size wiring. I believe these motors need 30 amp fuses so I am aasuming they need 30A relays. Questions:
  2. Hi All...new to site - need advice I am planning to power a small water craft - has two stationary 12V electric trolling motors mounted under platform..one on either side. Motors go forward and reverse. Each motor is powered by its own battery. I know that these motors need 30 amp fuses to protect circuits. I want to be able to use a joystick to control the motors (e.g, push forward - both motors drive forward; push back - both motors drive in reveres; push right - right motor drives reverse and left motor drives forward; push left - left motor drives reverse and right motor drives forward
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