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  1. :) sorry if i sound too naive about handling cmos. 1. how about if i have to align the pins to the socket, what do i use to straighten the pin. someone advise that i can use a long nose plier provide the plier is insulated and i dont touch the pin directly, also they say i dont have to worry about electrostatic energy here in the Philippines bcoz we have humid weather here. Is this true? 2. my workbench is made of wood and also have wooden floor. 3. do i have the plier attach to a ground? your reply would be highly appreciated. thaanx in advance!
  2. :)to mixos: i now have all the parts of the transistor tester project, but my problem is installing the cmos device without damaging it. i know its sensitive sto static energy. is there a simple way of installing it? ???
  3. :) re your capacitance meter project: 1. can this meter measure the "effective series resistance"? 2. whats the equivalent of OA47 diode in the IN40xx. thanx Project Link: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/test/006/index.html
  4. ;D to mixos: thank you, thank you for the 2 datasheets specially the TA8184. again thanx :D
  5. :)can anyone point to what site can i find the datasheet for CD4093 & TA8184 (vol/tone ctrl). thanx
  6. :)to mixos: can i possible post a table on case style & pin configuration of common thyristors? this table has helped me a lot on identifying the anode, cathode & gate. thanx. :D
  7. ;Dhi! i hope you can can help me out on this, i have come upon an audio amp which i believe would be a very good one, however it gives out 120w rms and is supplied with +/-56v which i dont need. what i want is a lower output and a lower supply level say 18-24v. i am planning not to use the same aoutput transistors, drivers. can i still use the same resistor values bcoz i believe the current would also go down to the new voltage level? :-X
  8. ;Dthanx my friend, will let u know of the result!
  9. ??? thanx for the datasheet you sent. however a good friend also sent me datasheet on this chip made by fairchild semi. CD4027BC. the one you sent was CD4027B by texas inst. i have seen both internal circuitry and each one differs. the BC type use single inverters while the B type uses 2 series inverters. is this output critical to the sensitivity of the tester? which one do you recommend. again thanx! :D
  10. ??? am very much interested in building this transistor tester project of which the author i believe is randy linscott as you have presented. however, before i do so, i would like to clear up some doubts, 1. is IC4027 a dual JK master/slave flip flop w/set-reset? 2. where can i find the datasheet for this ic 3. is pin 1 & 2 open or not used? 4. is the output of the 555 (pin 3) connected to pin 12 of the 4027? thank you in advance for whatever info you can give me. Project Link: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/test/008/index.html
  11. :)thanx my friend, i will surely visit the site you have provided. :D
  12. ???Does anyone know if there is a formula to compute the power output of an audio power amp which is operating in the Class A or AB mode. Pls. help me. Thanx. :D
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