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  1. Thank you Herman the German and rfranzk your input is much appreciated. You are correct in thinking the skate will be on a stand. The application would be a machine in a skate shop or rink where skaters can place their skates and find out how good their bearings are as measured by how long each wheel spins from the standardized force. I will draw a diagram of the machine and post it for your further comment. The (magnet/sensor) Hall Effect idea is something I have thought about but abandoned as to cumbersome for an end user device; I am strongly gravitating to doing it optically. Especially as I am an engineer for an electronics security company and have access to video cameras/DVRs that can do motion detection and alarm circuit triggering which I could then use to control timing circuitry. Thank you again for your time and consideration. \Lon.
  2. Hello, I want to build a machine that will detect (and thus measure) the rotation of a roller skate wheel as it sits on a roller skate. The purpose here is to get a quantitative measurement of the bearing units quality. The plan is to build a machine that will apply a standardized force vector to the wheel and then time how long it spins a result. Can anyone suggest what is the best kind of sensor to use to detect the rotation of the wheel? If this is not the correct forum for this question I apologize. Thank you, \Lon.
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