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  1. Hello Audioguru, Thanks so far for the help. I have almost completed the construction of the gadget. Now that the circuit board is in the metal box, I don't have the problem I had before, that the thing reacted to every movement. I can now adjust the pot-meter so the tone is reduced to a mere cracking sound. However when I move my cell phone towards the antenna the pitch does not change at all. Do you have any idea what could be wrong. I fear that if a potent transmitter such as a cell phone is not detected, it will be an illusion to sniff out the real bugs. Do I understand it correctly that
  2. Hello there, Just like sargehendricks I'm quite new to this stuff. (cannot elaborate on the purpose of constructing the gadget either...) I created this device from scratch, simply bought the components, blank circuit board and not to forget soldering iron from the local store. It now seems to work, so I'm quite proud... 8) Question: I tried it before puting it in the metal box. Adjusted the pot-meter so that the sound was barely there. As soon as I start to move the antenna the sound goes crazy. Is this because it's not in the metal case or does this mean my entire appartment is bugged ;D
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