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  1. Ok im glad you get it :) ive searched those sites for a "development board" are you talking about just a plain bread board? or are there ARM specific development boards? Also could you supply me with a link to what your talking about. Finally do you know where I could buy an a9 ARM chip?
  2. I am interested in developing an android powered device. I know many people are going to say you will never do that blah blah... just bare with me, I'm determined, your ranting wont do any good. I am confident in my abilities as a coder to alter the android OS to work with my device. However, I don't even know what the specifications are for a motherboard or where to start. There are 100000 different ways you could hook up thinks like memory and a camera to a ARMv7 cpu. Does anyone have any idea of what the hardware requirements are or where I should start. Because not all of those 1000000 combos will work with the code. There must be some sort of requirements out there Thank you Slice
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