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  1. I need help in finding a source for flyback MCJ-29A003 for my Kolin 29-inch Akros flat TV. The part is manufactured by Elim Tech Corporation, a Korean manufacturer. Already went to Kolin Service Center in Magallanes pero wala daw silang flyback with this part number. Also called Oriental and Deeco but wala rin sa database nila yung pyesa. Might try to go to Raon to search this week. Baka naman meron dito sa inyo na nakakaalam kung meron nito at kung saan makakabili o kaya ay meron recommended substitute? According to Kolin staff the pcboard is made by Samsung. Its part number is 29EF200. And the picture tube is by LG Phillips Type A68QCU759X52. Maybe these info will help? Salamat ng marami!!!
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