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  1. Hi all, I am moving into an apartment in a week, and I am trying to plan what I should buy for it. The kitchen already has an oven, microwave, etc... so what I'm looking for are small appliances like a toaster, Foreman grill, and so on. I am a rookie when it comes to kitchens, so I am wondering what the most important, most versatile, and most cost effective appliances I can buy are. So far, I am planning on a toaster, pressure cook and an electric contract grill. Thanks Mike Paul
  2. Hi guys, Here are a few tips from my experience: 1- Try to get a generator that includes a 25' extension cord that is specially made for a generator. That is a big plus! 2- Some generators are somewhat weather-resistant with items like rubber flaps to cover the sockets. I think that is a good feature. 3- My generator started easily on the first pull every time. It may not be worth paying extra for "electric start". 4- Start the generator with nothing plugged in, then start appliances one at a time, starting with the largest load. (Or whatever the directions say) 5- Gas may be hard to find after a hurricane. Five gallon cans could last 2
  3. Hey Friends Thank you for sharing your information. Really I am very appreciated here and this is the very useful information.Building your own computer ends up costing more than a ready- made machine. Arguments to the contrary invariably forget one element or another such as software or mouse and keyboard. The labor costs of 30 minutes unskilled work putting a machine together insignificant compared to the overall cost of the machine so it comes down to bulk buying and economies of scale. Those work in flavor of companies and against you. You can only ever save money self-building if you need a specialized system for some reason or another - a gaming system is not such a specialized role. Thanks a lot for your help! Mike Paul _____________________ Spam link removed by moderator.
  4. Hello, I have a buy floor heating system because it feeds so good on your feet while in the shower. I just read in the instruction manual that you are not supposed to install it in the shower area. Do people do it anyway or is there a special floor heating system for a shower? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help Mike Paul :)
  5. Hello Everyone, Nice to meet you. Myself Mike Paul a very new guys just join to this community forum. I am really very excited here to take part in discussions. I came across this community forum and found many informative and interesting topics regarding electrical and electronics instruments. Hope I can enjoy my stay here and all members are cooperate with me. Best Regards Mike Paul 8)
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