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  1. Dear Konstantinos Hi Designing/installing/maintaining solar panels is not a big deal. It simple idea as you know you need some square feets of solar panels, 1 or 2 batteries, and a electronics board to control the system. I would like to give following advise to you: 1.The requirement of solar panels would depend upon how many batteries do you have and how much backup you want. 2.As far as control circuit is concerned you can download it form any electronics circuit site like electronicsforu.com or discovercircuits.com 3. 3rd one I would like to suggest you use LED lighting instead of conventional lights I would save over 85% of power. for any other information feel free to contact me @ Email removed and phone number by moderator, please use the forum for responding to help requests.
  2. I am from India send me the circuit I will design prototype. Feel free to contact me for any help on electronics @ Email and phone number removed by moderator, please use the forum for responding to help requests. :)
  3. 1.for V-I characteristics of diode (so desired high current ) download datasheet of BU1006 or BY 299 or IN4007 or other V_I char are included in the datasheet of diode 2.your second quest I cant understand "Transistor designer test". As I can understand you might want a transistor tester or transistor curve tracer ,you kindly elaborate more. 3.Digital and linear trainer.! what kind of trainer do you want? hardware based or software applications. for further and quick information you may drop a mail @[email protected]
  4. It appears audio wire coming out from USB board to power amplifier IC LA4440 or pre-amplifier is not shielded properly. 8)
  5. Dear Hero999 Electonics link posted by you when accessed gives error Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forum/attachments/USB2IDE.zip on this server. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at www.electronics-lab.com Port 80 8) Plz post all files and schematics once againn on this site. I shlal be very thankfulto you for that. If you find time kidly mail IDE to USB converter project to my mail Email removed by moderator, please use the forum for responding to help requests. THANKS
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