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  1. This typ of #looks like a 60amp at 60volts power mosfet, please correct me if I'am wrong. You could sub. this with a IRFz48V or IRfZ48N wich is a 64Amp ~72Amp same voltage raiteing. [attachment deleted by admin]
  2. :)new up date for 6500. pwr. mosfet(power supply) huf75339, this is a 75amp 60v, with a rsd
  3. :) Hi Edy, I have this service manual ,the DX110 when I took some seminar in sharp. let me know if you still need it. so i could up load it.
  4. ;) why not try (tritronics electronics) they carry lots of Aiwa service literature. "Just trying to be helpfull"
  5. ??? looking for service manual on any MTX class "d" pwr amps. (or MMats)
  6. ??? does anyone has service manuals for MTX pwr amps.
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