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  1. I Was wondering if anyone had a ebook that woudl give me a little refresh on filters. It has been awhile sence I have done much work with them. thanks o ya and its been awhile sence i been here glad to see stuff still going strong..hopefully i can keep this site unblocked this time
  2. Hello, I am working on programming a PLC .. i need to use MODBUS to commucate with the touchscreen....i have no ideal how to use MODBUS. I have used ladder logic a lot. If you could give any help like examples to some ladderlogic pages dealing with modbus or if anyone here know how to program using MODBUS.. please help thanks glen
  3. PLC would work too..but cost a lot more... and is probly over doing the project...but would work eazy
  4. Connect it to your coil on the motor......
  5. well if you supply the time diagram icould help with the ladder logic..
  6. http://www.plcs.net/contents.shtml here you go
  7. yes i know a lot...its very easy to learn..if you know C++ it is very much the same except with icons ill look to see what sites i used to learn it
  8. hello , What i was looking for is a divice that i can program an ir signal to so when a relay goes off it will trigger this device thus sending out the ir signal. and cheap :) and can send signal easly even if hidden? thanks everyone.. glen
  9. i have done a project just like this, but i found using a Pic 16f84 made it a lot easer, because then it can make sure none of the other leds come one when one is pressed.. Like a game show buzzer...
  10. well i cant wait to see what it is.... you must live near chicago too.... there was so much snow..i clean behind my car duriing my lunch break ...when i went to leave it looked worse....( i think the guys at work played a trick on me but who knows) .... umm maybe a new project..tires that heat up so it will melt the snow and you could get out easy? cheers, glen
  11. so . inform us........:) would love to hear about new projects.......I am in the middle of moving new house has a "project room" well thats what iam making it...after all now iam almost done with school i really would like to start designeing more things? ...... so what you makeing? glen.
  12. Were is everyone...usually there is 10-20 post new a day...now i see like 5 and they never get answered....? everyone must be on vacation....
  13. were can i get some information about them.... looking into some 110v to 5v and 12v to 110v checked this site did not find much just thought someone might a great site...that would help thanks, glen
  14. i belive its a fir it works really good, I downloaded it to a DSP Board. used a blackman window, its a band stop filter so when it reaches 60 hz it stops that frequency, pluged in a couple numbers and tested...so a fir filter will give better results? then a butterworth, or bessel? or is there something that makes them different?
  15. why not use a fir filter? is there a difference?
  16. hello just asking for a friend... he said it has 16 pins and the N.S. logo but N.S. said they did not make it? any ideals?
  17. ????? iam happy it got deleted...it was a bad topic for an Electrionic site anyways
  18. why did this get moved to PCB design...i dotn want PCB design...i just want a layout program? :(
  19. i know you can use this chip if it helps. LM567C
  20. CANDYLAND is NOT an adult game.... ;D
  21. Well i dont even need it for PCB boards but mostly for drawing skimatics...
  22. Clicked on my name hten clicked on stats on the right side of the screen...
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