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  1. hi, i was thinking... i have some 'ordinary' alkaline batteries lying around. is there a way to recharge them?
  2. yes, thats what i've found too.. i thought there might be a simple sulotion. THANK anyway
  3. does anyone have schematics for this ? i m sure this is possible, somehow
  4. is it possible to convert an s-video out to be vga ?
  5. (sorry for all the dumb questions :P) could u explain how to DIY those inductors ? or point me to a place where i can learn how to do this, i need 2 diferent inductors. wouldnt it be wizer to replace the 2xRCA with one female-headphone-jack ? i see no advantage of using RCA. TNX FOR ALL THE HELP :)
  6. hello again, we (in Israel) working according to Europe standarts. meaning i dont have to change anything... ;D :D ;D my question today : i want to build this on a protoboard (that board with holes and copper on on side that i solder thing to)... 1) whats the best way to solder the chip to this board ?? as the BH1417F is surface-mount only it doesnt have any "legs". 2) on the part list there r some part that are also surface-mount only, like the inductors, is there any replacements for them ?? same parts but with "legs" so i can solder them to the protoboard
  7. hello again, i m about to build this circuit, and i live in ISRAEL ! in another topic u wrote : "The Micromitter is designed for Australia's 10mW RF power limit and uses their and Europe's 50us pre-emphasis standard. Check to see what your country's standards are" could those be "wrong" ? i mean, if those standarts here in Israel are different should i make any chages to the circuit ? does the "power limit" determines the transmission range ? if 10mW gives 20 meters does 100mW give 200 meters ? if so ... 10mW is enough for me as i want this transmitter only for in-house use ! i asked an expert here and he dont know of any pre-emphasis standart ! what difference does this "pre-emphasis" do ?
  8. i m about to build the SiliconChip transmitter, just 1 question : i live in Israel, is there any changes i should make in the circuit in order to operate it here (israel) or should i build it as-it-is ?
  9. i wasnt able tp reach the article.. maybe u can... what about this one ?? : http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_102010/article.html
  10. any chance to eliminate this d :-Xamn distortion somehow
  11. in the datasheet of the BH1417F (http://www.rohm.com/products/databook/audio/pdf/bh1417f.pdf) there is a scheme on page 2. could someone look at it and see if its any good? maybe its better than Silicon Chip project ? i would go fo the SiliconChip project if u were not talking about distortion all the time - it is frightening
  12. the EDM transmitter seems very good.. BUT... it have a Frequency Response of : 20Hz - 15kHz... thats no good it means u lose the higher sounds.. it lacks 7kHz to fill up the range. and.. its quite expensive...80$ are allot of bucks. maybe someone will publish the schematic for this, so we can all DIY it. ;D ;D ;D
  13. are you talking about this : http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_30378/article.html is this the experts recommendation ?? should i try and build this one ? did any one tried it ? is it up to me standarts (see the first post on this subject) ? is the 'south african' better then this ? sound quality is very important to me, i dont want ANY drifts/distortion/hearing-leftside-on-rightside !!
  14. how can i know the best one ? not looking on the price but on the specs. of the kit... what am i looking for ? for example: what "Channel separation"? what "Input sensitivity"? what "s/n ratio"? etc. PLL or not ? ba1404 or not how can i know GOOD QUALITY ??
  15. >:( >:( >:( BUMMER :'( :'( can u post the link to this 60$ kit ?
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