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  1. Plug to cell phone earphone jack and to your home stereo auxiliar input...
  2. Drill a hole on top of the mailbox and insert a ----> Without its pole. Optional, add a door switch for the LED. Done fast for $1. Some silicone sealant may help.
  3. If you end giving up on the design and construction, hot wire air flow meters are dumped daily by the many hundreds. You can obtain them for few $ at a car boneyard. They are called MAF sensors and in many flavors and sizes. There is at least two types; one outputs a frequency and another voltage. Discern which with an oscilloscope. They are powered usually by 5V, the 3 terminals are +, -, out. They look like ----> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=air+mass+sensor&t=canonical&iax=1&ia=images Get a wiring pigtail with its mating connector. Some information ----> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_flow_sensor
  4. This kind of sturdy photocell switch seems a good choice, I have used it with no problems. Available at electrical suppliers. Sensitivity can be varied by sliding its cover partially. ----> http://pmcontrols.com/shop/photo-controls/lumatrol-t-30-wire-in-photo-control-3000-watts/ Override can be implemented with a manual switch.
  5. Remember having many years ago, a solid rubber power strip, about 2 feet long, two inches wide, 3/4 inches thick. Had two slits with the same separation of a power plug terminals (no ground) its full length. Deeper in the slits, there were flat metal strips providing power at ANY place along the contraption you inserted the plug. Never saw one again; and was very convenient. Seems they are not made any more, and can be made much longer.
  6. Am unable to download such Motorola R2600 service manual (Or General Dynamics R2600) supposedly available as .rar at a few places on the web, tried with different compfusers and all choke at every try. :( -I do have the operator's manual- Please, does anyone have it or has the skills to download it into a CD in .pdf ? I will cover the cost. Or, upload it to the cloud wherever I can download without .rar complications ?
  7. There is no green LED circuitry on the schematic.
  8. That is NOT the way to recharge Li-Ion cells. >:( Each cell must be taken out of circuit and placed on a dedicated charger and recharged individually with a 4.100V fixed voltage regulator. No 7812 regulators to be used there.
  9. Hi all. My Motorola R-2600 communications system analyzer; does a buunch of things: Spectrum, modulation scope, signal generator, duplex, modulation display, sweep, bar graphs, oscilloscope, tracking, AM-FM, speaker, 0.4MHz to 1000MHz, and more... Picture taken today, showing spectrum mode, tuned at FM broadcast band : Similar data: https://www.ntecusa.com/docs/R2670B_data.pdf At Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_kw=MOTOROLA+R2600+SERVICE+MONITOR Or: http://www.rfimage.com/R2600.htm Or: http://www.testequipmentconnection.com/15168/Motorola_R2600B.php ----> Any reasonable offer that makes you happy and makes me happy will work. The unit has calibration seals on it; it is not refurbished nor repaired oscure origin. Just works as supposed to. The front panel hit in field transport has a minor cosmetic crack on top. Some keypads stick sometimes, but I do not want to open it for cleaning them as would break the seals. The manual is on a disc.
  10. HF 2 to 30 MHz; 12-14 VDC, with additional reception preamplifier built in. -In perfect working condition- With schematics and data sheet from Motorola RF finals. AM, SSB, 100-140Watts, aluminium heat sink. Believe this are just the output transistors: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p4069.m570.l1313.TR2.TRC1&_nkw=mrf454&_sacat=0&_from=R40 ----> Any offer that makes you happy and makes me happy will work.
  11. Perhaps someone is after one of these instruments. Am not actively using it any more. Need $135 cheap for it. It is an oldie ISA ECR-1 in good working order, 1000 MHz; powers on 120VAC or 12VDC or with a couple of 6V sealed lead batteries inside, which are removed now. All dings , scratches, very worn ugly paint and plentyful of dents are free. It does not have the face cover. Has an IF out jack to build a demodulator/audio monitor stage if wanted. It is about 14" x 14" x 10", ~20 pounds. The picture shows the spectrum tuned at the FM broadcast band. XPicture deletedX EDITED : Unit is not available any more.
  12. Anyone having a couple of these, new or used please ? It is a 14 pin DTMF decoder; usually canibalizable from older answering machines. Let me know what you need, I may have it. Am in USA Other numbers may be SSI204; UM9204
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