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  1. Look, for the nth time, you are mistaken if you got the impression I was asking for help. I have not now and not ever asked for help from this board or anyone of this board. I hope you understand that because I do not know how to say it any clearer in English. It seems mixos understands this so if you still do not understand it please consult with him. I came here to notify this board that those websites I mentioned were stealing content from many sites, including my site and including electronics-lab. I came here thinking I was doing electronics-lab a favor by pointing out your material wa
  2. I am not complaining to anybody. My first post informs that circuit-zone.com and electronics-diy.com post in their websites material that is lifted from other sites. I do not know where you get the impression that I want Electronics-lab to do anything about it. I don't. I believe there is a misunderstanding. You thought my complaint was with electronicslab (it isn't) and you offered to help and, because of your offer, I thought you may be somehow related to those websites. I think that is what happened. Again, I was just informing people that I found content from several websites, including
  3. Hero999, you might want to re-read the thread because I believe you are somewhat konfuciused. Or you might want to stay out of it. We already know you have no respect for the rights or property of others. No need to belabor the point. I am just hoping others are not like you and have a bit more decency.
  4. The addresses I found listed are info@electronics-diy.com , sales@electronics-diy.com and that is where I have emailed but have received no reply. If I should use another address please give me an address in that domain.
  5. As anyone who visits your site can see you do not provide a link to the source page at all and you are not authorized to copy the pages even if you did. I have emailed the email addresses listed on your site and have received no response. I know of at least one other website owner who has emailed you asking that his stuff be removed and he has received no response either. Your business and your servers are located in the USA and you know full well you are breaking the law by copying unauthorized content. (It would be just as illegal in any other country unless you were in Somalia or some oth
  6. Yeah, I've heard that argument many times but the laws of the USA and of the whole civilized world say otherwise and reputable sites like wikipedia respect those laws and do not allow posting of content withjout the authorization of the copyright owner. The fact that it's not worth pursuing the guy who stole or swindled $5 does not make it right, it only makes it... not worth pursuing. A decent guy does not steal you money and if he takes it by mistake he returns it when you ask. A scoundrel finds reasons why he is entitled to keep your money. The law and the morality of taking other p
  7. Well, I was just letting you know in case you cared. In my case I care because I despise thieves who steal and take credit for other people's work and make money out of it. And they have the impudence of claiming copyright on the content they stole. I might just start watermaking my images to make them less attractive to thieves.
  8. I have found at the sites http://circuit-zone.com and http://electronics-diy.com, which are both related, content lifted from my personal site and when I looked closer I saw most if not all of the circuits published on those sites are copied from other sites, including this one. For example look at http://electronics-diy.com/electronic_schematic.php?id=981 and the 10A 1-30V Variable Power Supply with LM317 Posted by admin on February 10th, 2011 at http://www.electronics-lab.com/blog/?tag=tip41c I have sent them an email demanding they take down my stuff. You might want to go over and hav
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