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  1. Looks like the part number is good with a Yahoo Search KIE-7304-1P KNIGHT KIE-7305-1P KNIGHT http://www.mainelectronics.com/leds.htm http://www.4starelectronics.com/catalog3/0354/0354-9.html http://www.rpelectronics.com/Default.asp?Main=/English/OnlineCat.asp?Menu=/English/Content/Categories/CatM_11.asp%26Detail=/English/Content/Divisions/Div_11_200.asp
  2. Here is the Datasheet for TB1238BN requested by neckforx69 [attachment deleted by admin]
  3. Here is another single post member that forgot about us ! >:(
  4. How do you tell if a Blonde has been using your Computer? > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > There is White-Out and Highlighter all over your Computer Screen.
  5. We need a space that only Moderators can access so they can talk about things the normal member does not need to see. We can get advice from one another on sticky posts etc. I am a moderator on another board that has this feature and it id wonderful.
  6. http://www.bjcraftsupplies.com/music/music-box-movements01.asp Sound Boxes Size 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/2" A 1110 each 3.99 N14 Witch Laughter ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A 1111 each 2.99 N031-08 Sheep N033-06 Rooster N035-04 Dog N036-03 Cow N037-02 Turkey N041-08 Frog N045-04 Ghost N030-09 Lion N043-06 Woman Screaming N038-01 Elephant ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A 1112 each 3.99 Activated by motion N917-02 Frog Croaking N919-00 Bird Chirping Touch Tone Craft Music Buttons 10672 Each 1.99 Music Buttons measure 1 3/8" x 3/8". Used for making musical cards, scrapbooking, in dolls, stuffed animals, toys, books, clothing and more. Specify tune number listed below for each music button tune. Popular Tunes Inspirational and Holiday Tunes 10 It's a Small World 03 Jingle Bells 16 Love Story 07 Silent Night 36 Let Me Call You Sweetheart 09 White Christmas 40 Over The Rainbow 12 Easter Parade 45 Music Box Dancer 13 Happy Birthday 47 You are My Sunshine 22 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 60 Take Me Out To The Ball Game 51 (3 songs) Joy To The World 75 You Light Up My Life Wish You a Merry Christmas N951-08 Titanic It Came Upon Midnight Clear 87-21 God Bless America New! 56 Frosty the Snowman 59 Peter Cottontail/Easter Parade Children's Tunes 68 Jesus Loves Me 08 Brahms Lullaby 87-14 Santa Claus is Coming to Town 18 Rock A Bye Baby N973-06 Amazing Grace 43 Teddy Bear Picnic N998-01 (3 tunes) Jingle Bells 48 Twinkle Twinkle Santa Claus is Coming 49 Old McDonald Had a Farm We Wish You a Merry Christmas 70 Mary Had A Little Lamb Blink 'n' Play Music Buttons w/Lights Each 3.99 See Order number listed below for each touch tone music button. Colorful 3mm Blinking Bulbs. Automatic Shut-Off after each play. Plays 25-55 seconds depending on tune. Music button module is 1 1/2" x 9/16" deep. There is a 5" wire lead between the music module and the lights with 3" between bulbs. The bulbs are easily separated by snapping them apart. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tune name and order number and Light Colors: 248-107-02 Congratulations (R/Y/G) 248-106-03 Old MacDonald (R/Y/G) 248-115-04 Funeral March Of The Marionettes (Alfred Hitchcocks's Theme) (R/Y/G) 248-112-07 Farmer In The Dell (R/Y/G) Bulb Colors: R = Red, Y = Yellow, G = Green
  7. Here is an experimental Low-Tech Indicator that I thought up. A Car Buzzer Can be added. Or a musical horn
  8. It is an SCR the part number is C106B1 C106B Datasheet Click Here Manufacturer Part No. C106B(SCR) NTE Part No. NTE5455 NTE5455 Datasheet Click Here C106A1_Thru_C106M1_Central_Semi.pdf
  9. Did you try to call the number back? Maybe if someone answers at the other end they can tell you what it is all about. If it is binary coded decimal you could probably make a device to decode it. Check this out! http://www.tekmom.com/buzzwords/binaryalphabet.html The Alphabet in Binary Code Letter Binary Code A 01000001 B 01000010 C 01000011 D 01000100 E 01000101 F 01000110 G 01000111 H 01001000 I 01001001 J 01001010 K 01001011 L 01001100 M 01001101 N 01001110 O 01001111 P 01010000 Q 01010001 R 01010010 S 01010011 T 01010100 U 01010101 V 01010110 W 01010111 X 01011000 Y 01011001 Z 01011010 Letter Binary Code a 01100001 b 01100010 c 01100011 d 01100100 e 01100101 f 01100110 g 01100111 h 01101000 i 01101001 j 01101010 k 01101011 l 01101100 m 01101101 n 01101110 o 01101111 p 01110000 q 01110001 r 01110010 s 01110011 t 01110100 u 01110101 v 01110110 w 01110111 x 01111000 y 01111001 z 01111010 Here is another site to play with http://www.theproblemsite.com/codes/binary.asp
  10. Search Results http://www.electronicpeasant.com/projects/ledlamps/ledflash.html http://www.fbice.com/Products/RGB.htm http://www.fbice.com/Products/specification/SB5RGB4-C.pdf http://www.elexp.com/opt_rgbc.htm http://www.elexp.com/a_data/08l5015rgbc.pdf
  11. Help me find out more about this Transmitter I have had for years. Motorola Model # C1541AA/SP21 Trans. Type CC3083 SR#MP011H 117vac RF Transmitter inside. CTD1480AC Motorola Schematic Diagram # 63E81054A41 CTD1480AC
  12. Here is another one! http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=7416.0 Where is our joke section?
  13. Like the one they use while investigating the paranormal ? Search Results electromagnetic thermocouples field work http://zone.ni.com/devzone/conceptd.nsf/webmain/A1CB08F9262094598625685700787620 http://www.poweronline.com/content/news/article.asp?DocID={65CCC8A0-15DF-4AF1-A2C7-D315D38C3F81}&Bucket=Industry+News&VNETCOOKIE=NO http://www.narda-sts.de/pdf/fachartikel/Radar_appl_engl.pdf#search='electromagnetic%20therm
  14. MAX1044 ICL7660 Datasheet http://pdfserv.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/ICL7660-MAX1044.pdf
  15. I see a resistor of unknown value between those 2 pins. It could be low ohms. Or your meter is reading this. Datasheet https://www.bgmicro.com/pdf/ics8870.pdf
  16. Here are a couple. The second one with the relay can be hooked up to: a doorbell, chime or musical car horn etc.
  17. A part number would help. The answer to your question: One rating is with a heat sink and the lower is without a heatsink. Here is the datasheet. http://www.jameco.com/wcsstore/Jameco/Products/ProdDS/51246.pdf
  18. Here is all I could find. The color code for unipolar connection is: orange-red-yellow, brown-red-black bipolar: orange-yellow, brown-black
  19. Can't find a service manual but here are my search results. Weller WS-51 http://www.cooperhandtools.com/europe/spare_parts/weller/documents/OI_WS51_81.pdf http://www.egmont.com.pl/cooper/instrukcje/OI_WS_51_81.pdf http://telezimex.ro/new/download/ASWO%20Aparate_Unelte_04_05.pdf
  20. Stepper motors Maping Stepper Motors http://www.mastincrosbie.com/mark/electronics/pic/stepper.html Mapping the coils to your motor Given a motor you have just scavanged, how do you determine which wire corresponds to which coil? Simple: use a meter to measure the resistance between pairs of wires. Each coil will exhibit a low resistance of a few hundred ohms. Choose a pair of wires and measure the resistance. Then choose another pair and again measure the resistance. If the resistance across the first pair is double that of the second pair, then the first pair corresponds to the wire pair (1,3) or (4,6). The second pair of wires will correspond to one of (1,2), (2,4), (4,5) or (5,6). Repeat this until you have mapped each wire on your motor to one of the coils. http://www.eio.com/jasstep.htm#types Unipolar stepper motors are recognized by their center-tapped windings. The number of phases is twice the number of coils, since each coil is divided in two. So the diagram below (Figure 3.1), which has two center-tapped coils, represents the connection of a 4-phase unipolar stepper motor. Figure 3.1 - Unipolar stepper motor coil setup (left) and 1-phase drive pattern (right).
  21. I know about Pumps. How many Gallons Per Min or GPM ? If you were just wanting to run a fountain pump off of the sun that would be easy. A 12v solar battery charger with a 12v bilge pump for boats.
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