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  1. Okay Ante,
    Thank you for the space you have given us.
    You are the greatest and it is very much appreciated.
    I bow to you.

    Function: verb
    Pronunciation: 'bau
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English būgan; akin to Old High German biogan to bend, Sanskrit bhujati he bends
    intransitive senses
    1 : to cease from competition or resistance : SUBMIT , YIELD <refusing to bow to the inevitable -- John O'Hara> ; also : to suffer defeat <bowed to the champion>
    2 : to bend the head, body, or knee in reverence, submission, or shame
    3 : to incline the head or body in salutation or assent or to acknowledge applause
    transitive senses
    1 : to cause to incline
    2 : to incline (as the head) especially in respect or submission
    3 : to crush with a heavy burden
    4 a : to express by bowing b : to usher in or out with a bow

  2. More KID-7404 is the Detector

    I think you have 2 emitters in your circuit!
    KIE means Knight Emitter
    KID means Knight Detector











  3. Looks like the part number is good with a Yahoo Search

    KIE-7304-1P KNIGHT
    KIE-7305-1P KNIGHT


  4. Alright you took my suggestion. Now if we could just use this to our advantage.

    I noticed alot of one time members that only post once and don't return for their answers. If there were a way for the Moderator of the board to see the hidden email address can contact the person and see if he or she is still interested in the answer. If Not then the Moderator can feal free to delete that topic and make room for a topic that is more meaningfull.

  5. We need a space that only Moderators can access so they can talk about things the normal member does not need to see. We can get advice from one another on sticky posts etc. I am a moderator on another board that has this feature and it id wonderful.

  6. http://www.bjcraftsupplies.com/music/music-box-movements01.asp

    Sound Boxes


    Size 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/2"
    A 1110  each  3.99
    N14 Witch Laughter
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    A 1111  each  2.99
    N031-08 Sheep
    N033-06 Rooster
    N035-04 Dog
    N036-03 Cow
    N037-02 Turkey
    N041-08 Frog
    N045-04 Ghost
    N030-09 Lion
    N043-06 Woman Screaming
    N038-01 Elephant
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    A 1112 each  3.99
    Activated by motion
    N917-02 Frog Croaking
    N919-00 Bird Chirping
    Touch Tone Craft Music Buttons
    10672  Each  1.99

    Music Buttons measure 1 3/8" x 3/8". Used for making musical cards, scrapbooking, in dolls, stuffed animals, toys, books, clothing and more. Specify tune number listed below for each music button tune.


    Popular Tunes Inspirational and Holiday Tunes
      10  It's a Small World    03  Jingle Bells 
      16  Love Story    07  Silent Night
      36 Let Me Call You Sweetheart    09  White Christmas
      40  Over The Rainbow    12  Easter Parade 
      45  Music Box Dancer    13  Happy Birthday
      47 You are My Sunshine    22  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
      60  Take Me Out To The Ball Game    51  (3 songs) Joy To The World
      75  You Light Up My Life            Wish You a Merry Christmas
      N951-08 Titanic            It Came Upon Midnight Clear
      87-21  God Bless America New!    56  Frosty the Snowman
        59  Peter Cottontail/Easter Parade
    Children's Tunes    68  Jesus Loves Me
      08  Brahms Lullaby    87-14 Santa Claus is Coming to Town
      18  Rock A Bye Baby    N973-06 Amazing Grace
      43  Teddy Bear Picnic    N998-01 (3 tunes) Jingle Bells
      48 Twinkle Twinkle              Santa Claus is Coming
      49  Old McDonald Had a Farm              We Wish You a Merry Christmas
      70 Mary Had A Little Lamb 

    Blink 'n' Play Music Buttons w/Lights


    Each 3.99
    See Order number listed below for each touch tone music button. Colorful 3mm Blinking Bulbs. Automatic Shut-Off after each play. Plays 25-55 seconds depending on tune. Music button module is 1 1/2" x 9/16" deep. There is a 5" wire lead between the music module and the lights with 3" between bulbs. The bulbs are easily separated by snapping them apart.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Tune name and order number and Light Colors:
    248-107-02 Congratulations (R/Y/G)
    248-106-03 Old MacDonald (R/Y/G)
    248-115-04 Funeral March Of The Marionettes 
                        (Alfred Hitchcocks's Theme) (R/Y/G)
    248-112-07 Farmer In The Dell (R/Y/G)
    Bulb Colors: R = Red, Y = Yellow, G = Green

  7. Did you try to call the number back? Maybe if someone answers at the other end they can tell you what it is all about. If it is binary coded decimal you could probably make a device to decode it.

    Check this out!

    The Alphabet in Binary Code
    Binary Code

    A 01000001
    B 01000010
    C 01000011
    D 01000100
    E 01000101
    F 01000110
    G 01000111
    H 01001000
    I 01001001
    J 01001010
    K 01001011
    L 01001100
    M 01001101
    N 01001110
    O 01001111
    P 01010000
    Q 01010001
    R 01010010
    S 01010011
    T 01010100
    U 01010101
    V 01010110
    W 01010111
    X 01011000
    Y 01011001
    Z 01011010

    Binary Code

    a 01100001
    b 01100010
    c 01100011
    d 01100100
    e 01100101
    f 01100110
    g 01100111
    h 01101000
    i 01101001
    j 01101010
    k 01101011
    l 01101100
    m 01101101
    n 01101110
    o 01101111
    p 01110000
    q 01110001
    r 01110010
    s 01110011
    t 01110100
    u 01110101
    v 01110110
    w 01110111
    x 01111000
    y 01111001
    z 01111010

    Here is another site to play with

  8. Like the one they use while investigating the paranormal ?
    Search Results

    electromagnetic thermocouples field work




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