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  1. There is also a Driver Ic associated with the 702 I have that datasheet too. SPCA701 Datasheet. SPCA701av02.pdf
  2. I found SPCA701 and SPLC206A Driver for The IC you need Data for.
  3. I looked for Hours and All I could come up with is SPCA711
  4. Here is another Datasheet Original Part # http://www.ee.washington.edu/stores/DataSheets/cd4000/cd4069.pdf
  5. What do you mean by Boiler Plate Schematics? I have Plenty for Hot Water Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners. Oh I almost Forgot Here is your Datasheet cd4069.pdf
  6. BOY WAS THAT A TUFF ONE! Found it after about an hour of searching. Japaneese or English? I think English ::) LA78041.pdf
  7. I am looking. Here is this in the mean time.DXZ838RMP http://www.clarion-eu.com/nl/uploads/media/DXZ838RMP_cover.pdf http://www.clarion-eu.com/nl/uploads/media/DXZ838RMP_P3-8.pdf
  8. That was over 20 years ago I was bound to miss something.
  9. Most People don't know that the Paper Clip ICON has a Larger View when you Click on it. I suggest you put the Words Click Here for a Larger View next to the Paper Clip Instead of the File Name.
  10. Shame on you GreekPIC! He said he was new to this and you gave him a circuit that was far to advanced for a beginner! ??? Here is a Beginners circuit. The Diode is a 1N914 or 1N2004
  11. I made a Clock Circuit for TTL Timer with a Transformer Plugged in the wall. Ran it thru a diode and it started with 60 hertz. I put a Devide by 10 on it and it became a one second Timebase. The led would blink once every second.
  12. The resistor between the + and - puts a load across the Floating Ground and the Pot just Varies that resistance causing the gain to go up or down. It has nothing to do with Phasing since the ground always stayes the same.
  13. Where is the Datasheet? I need it to compare.
  14. If the slot is open on both sides you can use an led and a Photo Transistor. When the light shines thru the slot it will trigger the circuit.
  15. Found a Goldmine of Info for you. http://www.taupro.com/Projects/Hardware/TuxScreen/mfgspecs http://www.taupro.com/Projects/Hardware/TuxScreen/mfgspecs/Sharp_LM8V31.pdf http://www.iptel-now.de/HOWTO/LM8V31/lm8v31.html http://www.tuxscreen.net/wiki/view/ScheMatics
  16. http://www.discovercircuits.com/PDF-FILES/4013oneshots.PDF http://www.discovercircuits.com/PDF-FILES/dflip1shots.PDF http://www.discovercircuits.com/PDF-FILES/badgfls1.pdf
  17. I found Several Datasheets and More Info on the aqz202 http://www.naisweb.com/e/relaye/semi_eng/pdf/semi_eng_use.pdf http://www.matsushita.de/home/www/eu/ac/download/datasheet/relay/pmos_1030dlde0301.pdf http://www.aromat.com/pcsd/aqz10_.pdf http://www.naisweb.com/e/relaye/semi_eng/pdf/semi_eng_ppr1.pdf http://www.naisweb.com/e/relaye/semi_eng/semi_eng_ppr1/ida52mx.html http://www.naisweb.com/e/relaye/semi_eng/semi_eng_use/p_m_ca002.html http://www.naisweb.com/e/relaye/semi_eng/semi_eng_ppr1/pow___005.html http://www.nais-e.com/
  18. NTE Data Sheet Locator http://nte01.nteinc.com/nte/NTEMasterxRef.nsf/$$Search?OpenForm Cross Reference Search http://nte01.nteinc.com/nte/NTExRefSemiProd.nsf/$$Search?OpenForm
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