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  1. How would I get a relay to come on only when the Engine in the Car is running? Would I hook it to the Alternator? The Coil? There is no electric fan or computer. I am trying to help a guy on another BB Board. His problem is: He has a bad Ignition switch. He wants to install a push button. But, he wants it to be disabled when the car is running. His knolwedge of Electronics is limited so it needs to be easy. Here is what I have so far.
  2. How about just Installing some MOV's and or Protection Diodes. Or even an Isolation Transformer or a Triac o Solidstate Relay.
  3. Is there a Timing or a Pulse Width Modulator circuit to turn the Coils on and off? I personally don't like MOSFET because it is static sensitive. You have 2 coils attached to a Static Sensitive Device. These coils cause Reverse Spikes as the Fields colapse. Also EMF Waves. I just don't like the Idea. How about a Electronic Ignition type Circuit Instead using Discrete Transistors like a 2N3055.
  4. Does the class have a Computer? You could use it as a Central console. If each has a Computer you are in Business. Voice Recorder Program built in.
  5. Still haven't found it. LC78637E QFP Digital servo, automatic adjustment functions, VCEC playback, CD error detection and correction (quadruple error correction), EFM PLL, SLC, 8 fs digital filters, 1-bit D/A converter, built-in low-pass filter for the D/A converter, VDD = 3.3 V, I/O = 3.0 to 5.0 V
  6. Here is steven's Picture Modified so you can see it.
  7. The new Name they use is TILT Switch . They now make them without Mercury. Mouser Has them and They can ship worldwide. Type in Tilt Switch in the Parts Search. http://www.mouser.com/index.cfm?handler=data.getPcodes&pcode=Mountain%2BSwitch%2BTilt%2BSwitches&pcodenumber=01014
  8. Draw a picture. I think the problem is the Direct TV hooked into the system wrong. Give me more on the switch.
  9. Here is a Datasheet that was hard to find. tda7250.pdf
  10. what model printer did they come out of? Maybe we can find a service manual or Schematic for it and get the info that way.
  11. WOW that is alot of Datasheets! Try some of the sites in this post.http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?board=12;action=display;threadid=625
  12. I did find a CMOS Version. Here is that Datasheet UPD82c43.pdf
  13. tuff one! 8243 8048 Port expander. >>>>>>+--------------+ >>>P5.0 |1 +--+ 24| VCC >>>P4.0 |2 23| P5.1 >>>P4.1 |3 22| P5.2 >>>P4.2 |4 21| P5.3 >>>P4.3 |5 20| P6.0 >>>>CS |6 19| P6.1 >>PROG |7 8243 18| P6.2 >>>P2.3 |8 17| P6.3 >>>P2.2 |9 16| P7.3 >>>P2.1 |10 15| P7.2 >>>P2.0 |11 14| P7.1 >>>GND |12 13| P7.0 >>>>>>+--------------+ [This information is part of the GIICM]
  14. 2.3 megabites is almost 1000 times too large. That is too bad too. I have Datasheets Larger than this and I can not share them with the Members. Limitations should be removed for some sections like Datasheets and Service Manuals sections. I couldn't Share this even if it was a Request from President Bush.
  15. Here is one very simular. http://www.electro-tech-online.com/
  16. I have a Service manual for a Panasonic but it is too large for this forum. 2.3 mb It has Schematics and parts list ect. Email me if you are Interested. [email protected]
  17. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/test/014/ilc7107.pdf
  18. Tuff one. I think it is a Compact Disc Player DSP CMOS IC What is it in. Maybe we can find that schematic.
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