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  1. There are 2 Cross referances to this IC NTE65101 and SK9829 Here is the Datasheet for the NTE Part. nte65101.pdf
  2. No but, These will! :o http://www.lennard.net.nz/electronics/fc.html#cct http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/bhabbott/charger.html http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/hayles/charge1.html
  3. I have Been an Audio Tech for 25 years. In my opinion You can not find a wire that is Big enough to replace the Body of the Car. The best possible Ground is the Car Body. Another Hint to Moror noise is to put a Large Ground strap from the Hood to the Frame. The Hood is not Usually Grounded and motor noise escapes from the hood area.
  4. How about This? Nicad Charger http://electronicprojects.org/content/view/9/
  5. Looking but it is a tuff one!~ STRG6153-SKN SWITCHING REGULATOR
  6. Check out these Links. http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/samschem.htm#schcfl1 http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/cflamp1.pdf http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/cflamp2.pdf
  7. Maybe Steven's Projects can help you in the High Voltage Section of this web page.
  8. Here is the First Datasheet. Still looking for the other one.la3161.pdf
  9. They could Write a book on how to get rid of motor noise! Start with how the wires are Routed. 1) Never run the Audio and Power Wires together. 2) Always use the Body of the Car as the Ground not a Direct Wire to the Negitive post of the Battery. 3) Replace the Capacitors on the Alternator. 4) Look for loose grounds on all components.
  10. If you need it to latch and un latch it can be modified to do so.
  11. We have the Perfect Thing in our Project Section. Here is the Link. IR Remote Control Project Click Here
  12. Will this one work? UCOMP 2.7 http://www.bbk.net.cn/user/revercengineer/downloads/index.php?action=viewall&start=20&sortby=name
  13. So what you are saying is db's are like a Hurricane Rating or an Earthquake rating. It has to be Ten times larger to increase a number size.
  14. Or you can just Pull it out and Make a simple test circuit like they have in the datasheet. KA7812.pdf
  15. compiler for sti55xx ? What is a Compiler? I just look and find. I need a Part Number or an Idea of what I am looking for. ???
  16. Oh man I forgot where I found it! ??? ??? ??? ???
  17. Try this Link. http://www.learn-c.com/schemat.htm
  18. A Schematic is just like a Road Map. It showes you where and how each component is connected. Each comnponent has a symbol that represents it, Some of them have values assigned to them. If you learn what each component is and what it does you can read a Schematic or Circuit Diagram. It takes years to learn Electronics. I will see if I can find a Tutorial for you On-Line. You can start here for now. http://www.electronics-lab.com/articles/basics/theory/index.html
  19. I get this message atleast 10 times a day. application/octet-stream Scan result: Virus "[email protected]" found. The file attached to this message was infected with a virus that we were unable to clean. You can not download this attachment. Note: Not all viruses can be cleaned. Please contact the message sender and request that they send you a virus-free version of this attachment.
  20. What formula are you using to figure the db difference between 30 watts and 50 watts. I figure that 50 watts PEAK is about 35 watts RMS. So 50 watts RMS would be about 70 watts PEAK. Now lets do the same with 30 watts RMS. 30 watts RMS is about 42 watts PEAK. So if we look at RMS we have a 20 watt Gain and PEAK is a 28 watt gain. So there is a sliding scale to this mess as I figure it. Now Take 30 x .666 and you get about 50 Watts. That is about a 2/3 power gain. ???I just confused myself. ??? How do you figure such a small power gain.
  21. If the speaker is not in a box that was designed for the specs of the speaker it will not produce optimum sound or decibels. If you just buy a box off of the shelf and speakers off of the shelf they probably don't match. You need someone to do a test on the box to see what frequency it is tuned to. Also you need the tru specs of the speakers. The VAS QTS and Free Air Resonance among other specs. Then Use The Theal-Small Theroy to figure out the box. Also you need to find out if it is a Long throw or a Short Throw Cone. That will determine if the box needs to me a Ported or Air Suspension Box. It gets Real Technical Real Quick! They have Box Calculators Online For all of the Figuring if your math skills are not that good. The Speaker Box is just as Important as the Amplifier when it comes to sound reproduction. ???
  22. No I just found it after many hours of searching. I am still looking for a free one.
  23. Oh No my secret source is out! :o
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