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  1. Kasamiko, I show you as a full member of Freedatasheets Your rbtabano is your name on the members list Antone else interested just Click on the link below my signature to join.
  2. They call it a Field Strength meter and an Electric Field meter.
  3. How about a house Air conditioner thermostat or an attic fan thermostat. Just put it in series with the fan. ??? http://customer.honeywell.com/catalog/pages/datasheet.asp?PN=T812D1009&FAM=Therm_Non_Prog&P=3568,3569,12292 http://customer.honeywell.com/catalog/pages/datasheet.asp?PN=T810C1004&FAM=Therm_Non_Prog&P=3568,3569,30119,30108
  4. The actual File is 2.62 megabites and I can not put it here. 161 pages long If you can't acess it on my yahoo page I can Email it to you.
  5. Is This What You are Looking for? STi5500 Register Manual
  6. Lets See if it will post again. Just be patient it takes a long long time to load. 288 pages Long. ??? sti5500_full.pdf
  7. Here is another Amp Schematic. Pyramid PB300 and there are no mosfet here either. Click on image for higher resolution
  8. I saw it again and had to hit back then the second page of this post again. It happened while viewing this post LOL ???
  9. I get this Error also. Can't Find the Web Site www.electronics-lab.com 500 Unknown Host The site may no longer exist or it may have moved. Double-check for any misspellings, punctuation errors, or extra spaces. If these suggestions do not work, try restarting your computer.
  10. Even Zip files have that stupid Size Limit. It is getting to the point where I don't even want to post Datasheets anymore. Too many restrictions. I found a Datasheet with 161 pages the other day there is no way to post a file that size. Most datasheets are larger than the size limit this forum is set for.
  11. Every Day it seams that I can not go on the board from about 2:30pm till 4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. Also I notticed alot of Fatal Error messages when Browsing the site. If I refresh It will go. I am on a DSL connection as well. It did it again while submitting this post. Here is the error message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare phpadmentor_maxinttonull() (previously declared in /home/electronics-lab.com/www/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php:18) in /home/electronics-lab.com/www/advertising/phpadmentor_config.php on line 18
  12. It may take a while to open but I assure you it opens. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
  13. I have 2 of them But they are too large the website only allows 1000kb That SUCKS so bad. I will post them on my own website! You have to sign in to my site first. Full Version PDF STi5500 CLICK HERE Here is the short version PDF The Full is on my site. The Full Version is 288 pages long! My Free Datasheets Website Click Here sti5500s.pdf
  14. I got a pinout ! Still looking for a Datasheet.
  15. 2sd965 Panasonic Datasheet 2sd965_Panasonic.pdf
  16. That is great until you get to a schematic with fine lines. I have several that I converted that way too. But when the quality is not there you run into problems. Convert the ones that I previously posted here and make a believer out of me.
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