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  1. Try my timer it works well on 6vdc too!
    Use a smaller capacitor like 1 uf to 47uf and experiment with it.
    It is a delayed off timer. When you push the switch it turns on the load and turns it off after the timming cycle. off. If the switch is pushed again durring the timing cycle it resets the time limit.


  2. hey, i am having a problem with my power amplifier, it's a 50w PA with audio mixer. I am quite desperate now, i have tried to lessen the humming, indeed it is quite less, but my proff wants no humming at all....what shall i do? please help me out?
    thank you very much.

    Look for any wires that go in to the amplifier. If one shield wire is broken there will be a hum. Also a bad mic will cause a hum. If that does not work then you should look at the capacitors in the power supply section of the amplifier. Also You could spray the controls with some contact cleaner. ( only Use contact cleaner designed for this! If you don't it will ruin the controls for good!)
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