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  1. Explain more.
    Are you trying to get Bianary numbers?
    Are you trying to get Decimal numbers?
    Are you trying to get Bianary Coded Decimal?
    A Number Display on a read out?
    Simple Led output?
    How many numbers Displayed at the same time?

    Be more specific.

  2. This is a package outline for SOT-23 package


    LF = NPN if my German is correct check here!


    It is Translated as:
    Honoured colleagues,

    I look for the type names and the manufacturer of two bipolar
    transistors in the SOT-23-Gehaeuse. The construction unit codes read:

    "MF" on a PNP transistor "LF" on a NPN transistor

    The Pinning is the equivalent BC848/858. Both transistors are from the same manufacturer, since the
    construction unit surface and the stempeldruck are perfectly

    Who can help me here? Thank you in advance for each support.

    With kind regards

    Now here is the Datasheet for the transistor he mentioned.



  3. This is a Transistor D2065 [M] printed on it which is Matsushita which is now Panasonic.
    I figure it is a 2SD2065 NPN Transistor.
    It is in a Kenwood KAC-624 Carstereo Amplifier.
    There are 4 of them in the Audio Output Stage of the Amplifier.
    What is curious about this Amplifier is all output transistors are the same not compliment pairs . The Transistor Gets Hot and shuts down and one or more of these transistors are bad. I need a Datasheet for this so I can see if any of the Transistors I currently have will work in place of this Obsolete Transistor.


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