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  1. Does your TV have Audio output RCA Jacks in the back?
    Does your Player?
    If so all you need is a Stereo or Amplifier with input Jacks.
    The TV has a limited amount of audio so you need an extra Amplifier to hook more speakers up.
    I am an Audio Tech as well as a Pressure Washer Tech.
    Believe me, any other way you will burn out the amplifier in the TV and you won't have any sound at all!

  2. Found More Info.

    Radioshack 1400 Laptop Parts list


    To order parts call 1-800-843-7422 or visit your local RadioShack store.

    Reference # Cat.No. Description NP Part #

    TLX-XD1-8 10878577 IC,T7778A LCD CONT MX1625
    10878577 100P FLAT PAK MX1625
    TLX-YD1-3 10878585 IC,T7900 LCD CONT MX1626
    10878585 92P FLAT PAK MX1626


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