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  1. The best way to deal with this is to Disconnect power. Then get some Electronic Cleaner from Radio Shack and open it up and spray every Button and Switch. Also the circuit board. (NEVER USE WD40 !!! IT WILL MELT THE CARBON ON THE VARIABLE RESISTORS!) Then use a Blow Dryer and dry everything out real good. Wait about 8 hours before you plug it back in so everything can dry real good. If this does not work we may need to dig deeper for solutions.
  2. Kenwood KR-6400 Service Manual or Schematic Needed. Maybe I can catch it before it is Deleted.
  3. Well then I guess I break the Law by posting Service Manuals and this whole section should be Deleted.
  4. So all of my Datasheets are now Illeagal and so are all of the Datasheets on all of the Datasheet search Engines? I think Not
  5. We are not changing the material in any way. We are not charging a price to make money.All Datasheets are copy righted so why not delete the whole sections on Datasheets and Service Manuals. All are copy righted. Why bother uploading any thing then ! ??? ??? ???
  6. Monostable Flip Flop The monostable flip flop, sometimes called a 'one shot' is used to produce a single pulse each time it is triggered. It can be used to debounce a mechanical switch so that only one rising and one falling edge occurs for each switch closure, or to produce a delay for timing applications. In the discrete circuit, the left transistor normally conducts while the right side is turned off. Pressing the switch grounds the base of the conducting transistor causing it to turn off which causes the collector voltage to rise. As the collector voltage rises, the capacitor begins to charge through the base of the opposite transistor, causing it to switch on and produce a low state at the output. The low output state holds the left transistor off until the capacitor current falls below what is needed to keep the output stage saturated. When the output side begins to turn off, the rising voltage causes the left transistor to return to it's conducting state which lowers the voltage at it's collector and causes the capacitor to discharge through the 10K resistor (emitter to base). The circuit then remains in a stable state until the next input. The one shot circuit on the right employs two logic inverters which are connected by the timing capacitor. When the switch is closed or the input goes negative, the capacitor will charge through the resistor generating an initial high level at the input to the second inverter which produces a low output state. The low output state is connected back to the input through a diode which maintains a low input after the switch has opened until the voltage falls below 1/2 Vcc at pin 3 at which time the output and input return to a high state. The capacitor then discharges through the resistor ® and the circuit remains in a stable state until the next input arrives. The 10K resistor in series with the inverter input (pin 3) reduces the discharge current through the input protection diodes. This resistor may not be needed with smaller capacitor values. Note: These circuits are not re-triggerable and the output duration will be shorter than normal if the circuit is triggered before the timing capacitors have discharged which requires about the same amount of time as the output. For re-triggerable circuits, the 555 timer, or the 74123 (TTL), or the 74HC123 (CMOS) circuits can be used. Copied from http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Bill_Bowden/page9.htm
  7. That is a nice feature of our Login. I like it too great idea!
  8. This is streight out of the Service Manual for KEH-P4025
  9. I tried many different common part numbers and nothing came up. uPc1156H uPc1280 TA8718 TA8211AH LA6902 LA1460 M52777SP MB3722 MB3730 BA3917 BEL187 HA13001 HA1339A
  10. Can find the number at the Link but no File for a Datasheet. Here is the best I can do. STR-Z2154.pdf
  11. Digikey has them in stock and ready to ship. http://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?Ref=453315&Row=433948&Site=US
  12. PAL007A = TA8277H TDA7560 TDA7385A 25-ZIP LIN-IC PIONEER TA8277H.pdf TDA7560.pdf
  13. Oh One more thing. LOL You can download WinRar Here http://www.win-rar.com/index.php?id=160&dl=wrar361.exe KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part01.rar
  14. You know what they say, Three's a crowd KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part03.rar KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part02.rar
  15. you can count the rest on one hand. KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part05.rar KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part04.rar
  16. seven more to go KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part07.rar KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part06.rar
  17. More to come. KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part09.rar KEH-P4020_KEH-P4022_KEH-P4025.part08.rar
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