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  1. Hello all, I have tried this method for all my projects. It works fine and you can forget about the costly screen printing method. I made the PCB layout using Orcad-Layout and extensively used copper pour (this significantly reduces the time spent on etching). Since i didnt have a printer connected to my system I used Acrobat PDF Writer to print it into a PDF file at 300dpi resolution. Make sure you dont scale the print. I took a high quality laser printout on a OHP (Transparent Overhead Projector) paper (a butter paper will also work). Next clean the copper clad using an ink rubber so that it is shining. Place the printout over the clad and iron it for 5-10 minutes. in case youare using a plastic OHP sheet dont forget to place a paper (news paper will do) over it. Once done, gradually cool the board from the OHP sheet side. Immediate cooling might disturbe the copper-substrate bond. You will be left with the track. Put this into ferric chloride solution and agitate slowly (it increases the speed of etching). Tadaaaaaa.you have a good quality PCB
  2. neo

    EEG Amplifier

    thanx buddy, let me try that way
  3. Guys, for my project work I need to make an EEG amplifier. Hope you all know what an EEG signal is (Electro Encephalogram), which for my greatest sorrow, is an extrmely small signal, something around 10 to 50 microvolts, which is very small compared to the noise signals that I will encounter. By amplifier I mean any differential amplifier which can amplify such a small signal at the same time reject the common noise signal. I expect an output of about 3 - 4.5 V. Can you guys suggest something. Thankyou. ???
  4. thank you so much mixos, couldn't have had it without you
  5. can anybody find me something like a datasheet for intel 8085 microprocessor thanx in advance
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