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  1. i want to access parallel port in win 2000 so that i need allowio.exe if any have this then pls mail me on [email protected] or send me link of that exe
  2. i know that sim card reader is available in market but i want to that how can we interfaced with pc and sim card reader is part of my final year project. so if you can help me to give idea to interfaced sim card with pc than pls tell me
  3. i am chaitanya thummar. i want to bulit gsm sim card reader .but i don't know what is format of data in sim card. and how to interface with PC. SO IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT OR NAME OF RELATED SITE THEN pls tell me. i also want to built fm transmitter.so pls give me ideas about it thanks chaitanya thummar [email protected]
  4. i want to built sim card reader using computer can you help me can you give me any idea or circuit
  5. hi you project idea is the best .but rf communication is some what difficult. I have done worked on fm transmitter. it is to difficult. i suggest one easy way that the codeless phone of long range is available in market. so you can use transmiter and receiver part of that phone. if you want other idea then my e mail id is [email protected]
  6. i want to built a fm transmitter can you help me i need realible circuit
  7. hi i want to buile a mobile jammer. so if you have any idea or circuit or information then please give
  8. hi i need circuite for mobile jammer. have you any idea?
  9. hi i want circuit or any idea for mobile jammer
  10. i want to built a mobile jammer. so i want to know concept behind this so if have any idea or knowledge or circuit regarding this then give me pls
  11. hi pratik fm can not travel in space as in case of AM because am has frequency band (500kh- 22khz) which have properties to reflect from ionosphere while fm have frequency band (88mhz-108mhz) which have properties that it passes the ionosphere not reflected so we can not get large distance communcation in case of FM
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