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  1. In our contry i cant get more than 9W resistor :-\. Can i connect parallel two 0.56ohm/9W resistors? Then i get 0,28ohm/18W- is that correct and OK ? or i have to buy 0,27ohm resistor in one pice...? Tnx
  2. Hy Audioguru. What should i use for R7: 0,47ohm, 0,39ohm or 0,27ohm ??
  3. Hy Audioguru 8) Can i use four of 2N3055 with 0,1/1W or 0,22/1w so they share the heat?? Because i have monted 4 transistors on heat-sink yet it looks better and nice ;) Tnx
  4. Thanke you Audioguru for this informations. You helped me allot 8). I will use 3 transistors 2N3055,because someday i will use 250VA transformer or more... ;) Can i use instead of 0,1/1W a 0,22/5W with 2N3055, i wont to use 0,22E or i have to use 0,1E ??? When i will run and test this project i will send you the results ;D Tnx
  5. Thanke you Audioguru for this answer. I have 33Vac not loaded and 150VA transformer. Tnx
  6. Hi to all! I just have one question about transformer. I have one transformet sec. 33Vac - this spec. is for notlouded transformer. I didnt try to load it jet. I will use OPA445 chips. Is the transformer sec. 33Vac (notlouded) to high for this project??? Should i have less voltage,maybe 30Vac -notloaded???? I see that you use 30VAC / 225VA transformer,but i dont know if is that spec. with loaded or not loaded transformer ??? I build this project and now i have to just connect the transformer. I just wona be shore,that my 33VAC-notloaded, is ok for this project. Tnx
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