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  1. Hello Everyone, I am trying to build a mobile phone charger (For my Samsung phone) by myself using following components. Step down transformer (from 230V to 9V 1200mA) Bridge Rectifier 1000uf capacitor (To smooth the DC voltage) 7805 Regulator (To get output voltage 5V) A micro USB cable I got from a broken charger. Appreciate if you can share your thoughts regarding this. Will this harmful to the phone or will this work better than the low quality Chinese chargers?
  2. Hi Friends, I have built a Remote Controlled car using Arduino UNO, L298 based DC Motor driver circuit and Two Gear Motors. I have created a step by step tutorial to create this project 8). I would like to share my project details with you :). Project URL - http://www.manelsoft.com/projects/arduino_rc_car.aspx Please see the attached images of the final version.
  3. Hi Friends, This is a PIC16F84A Microcontroller based digital clock. It displays hours, minutes and seconds using six 7 segments displays. The circuit has three push button switches to reset and set hours and minutes. It shows time in 12 hour format. Use the following link to download schematic, source code and compiled hex file - http://www.manelsoft.com/projects/pic16f84a_digital_clock.aspx
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