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  1. If Aqmas want to use mje3055, he could put 5 or more mje3055 in parallel ;)
  2. Can 2N3055 be replaced with 2N3773 as it was mentioned in other forum? datasheet: http://www.ortodoxism.ro/datasheets2/b/0f582lg1l7hqtexofow7tsggc5cy.pdf
  3. It can be used to connect two computers or to transfer data from mobile phone to PC and vice versa.
  4. Hi again ;D Is that normal that R2 get hot ~60
  5. I built mine based on this scheme: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=261.0;id=1708;image I used IRF530.
  6. Im using that driver posted on 2nd page. I have 25k pots instead of 10k. :P PS. That ignition coil is from this car:
  7. Here are some more pictures: [img width=680 height=510] I think this ignition coil is from old car.
  8. Here is little better picture of that ignition coil:
  9. Hi! Here is my ignition coil There si little more tham 1cm space between wires. I need to fix that driver, because I didnt have samo parts like on scheme. Sorry for bad quality :P I have captured this images from video recorded on my mobile phone.
  10. That was it, thanks ;D It was cold joint at D1 :-[
  11. Hi I have checked C3 and it is not shorted, yes I have 4 rectifier diodes. My D5 is also installed corectly. Transformers terminal #2 is not grounded.
  12. that colored ring is pointing to ground (0V) ??? Here are some more measurments on -5.6V elements: Ud5=266mV Ur2=0V Ud6=420mV Ur3=5mV Ur14=-220mV (common of instrument was on Q1 base) Uc2=40V (common of instrument was on negative of cap.) Uc3=650mV (common of instrument was on negative of cap.)
  13. I have desoldered -5.6V elements and measured them, but they are working properly. Im not sure for D7 zener, because I don't know how to measure reverse voltage (5.6V).
  14. Is it possible that that was caused because that short circuit? Elements on -5.6V are D5, D6, D7, C3, R3, R14?
  15. hi again Yes, I have two 2N3055 with emitter resistors for Q4 U2 gets hot after few minutes. There are no poor solder joints around C1. It is possible that there was short circuit on one of 2n3055 between emittor and base or collector.
  16. Hi, I have built this PSU few months ago with modified parts (with no casing). :P Few hours ago I have plugged it and spark came out near C1. Now output is ~0.42V and I cannot set any voltage. :'( I Have done few measurments: Q4: Ucb = 39.5V Uce = 39.5V Ube = 0V U1 (pin4-6) = 11.35V U2 (pin4-6) = -0.5V U3 (pin4-6) = 37.9V voltage across r7 is few mV I wonder what could be wrong and if you can help me. I hope OPamps aren't damaged, because it is really hard to get them ??? Thanks! (sorry for my bad english)
  17. HI I went to city and bought 2N3055, but they didnt have TIP31 so I bought TIP41 http://pubpages.unh.edu/~aperkins/pdf/TIP-devices/TIP31.pdf TIP31 datasheet http://pubpages.unh.edu/~aperkins/pdf/TIP-devices/TIP41.pdf TIP41 datasheet TIP41 is similiar to TIP31 but is made for higher power Heatsink is almost same as the one at original page but it is slightly longer, to fit 2x 2N3055. I dont know thermal resistance of heatsink, because friend gave it to me, but it was used in 100W amplifier.
  18. But is it possible to use 2N2219 with modified parts? I was just asking this, because I dont have TIP31 yet. As soon as I will get out to city Ill buy it and another 2N3055 (have heatsink for 2 of them). :P
  19. Thanks for your fast response :) Yes, free samples are nice and I also get them very quick :P one more question, could be anything wrong, because I am using 2n2219(w/ heatsink) instead of TIP31 with modified parts written in a text file few pages back?
  20. Hi! Me again :) I got 3 pieces of OPA445AP from TI as free samples ;) And I wonder on what I should be careful, because I dont want them burn or damaged. According to datasheet of OPA445 I should use 100k trimpot, is that correct?
  21. Thanks, Ill change trimpot and R10. It it possible that I have damaged TLE2141? (I havent put any load on it? And what transformer do you suggest, what should be output voltage of it?
  22. Hi I today have completed this PSU and it is working. :D I have 30V 4A transformer and TLE2141 now. Max voltage output is 34V without load, but minimum is 4mV. Is that normal that minimum is 4mV? Adjusting RV1 didnt change anything. :P
  23. Hi I made this PSU, but voltage output is constantly 15.00V Truning potentiometers doesent change anything. Voltage at C1 is 15.5V (I used 12V transformer). When I connected car lamp output fallen down to ~9V. Temperature of rectiifier diodes (1n5408) were around 100
  24. Hello This are the only ICs I could buy instead od TL081 and OPA445AP. ???
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