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  1. Hi there 8), sure we are interested, please let us see ur design ;D. Thanx
  2. hey guys :D, I am using my sound card as input port, for an osilloscope using a software. My quistion is: ??? What is the maximum voltage or power I can apply? Please help me, Thanx.
  3. Hi every body ;D, I am looking for an IC which does "delta modulation", I found some as data sheet but I could not buy thim cause they was not available in the shoping sites I know, ??? can any one help me :-[ Pleeeeeese :-[
  4. ;D audioguru :D Thanx man, you saved half of my life>
  5. Hi guys, please I need to know the value of the collector dynamic resistance of the BJT NPN transistor of philips (2N2222) , I looked for it in the product data sheet but it wasn't there so please if any body have idea about it please tell me ( its urgent) also I need the beta. thanx
  6. mettula & Alun, Thanx a lot: actualy i'm planning to use crystal oscilator, but my need is the sampling rate needed to sample the voice of humen???
  7. Hi guys.... I'm working on a digital tranciever and I'm using OOK... So can any body till me how can I calculate the values of th R&C in the envelope detector("I'm using a circuit of a diode connected in series with a parallerl R&C")[my frequency is 5MHz]. Also I need to know what clock speed I need for a delta modulation("I am using delta modulation and my frequency is the humen voice frequency"). ??? ??? Thanx ;D
  8. Thanx everybody I got some ideas from your replys, and I appreciate you all ;)
  9. :) ;D audioguru,prateeksikka and 4-1000A >>> Thank you very much for your response. I believe I have to give more info. about my project to get help, so this is a brief summary about my project:
  10. :) Hi guys Can any body till me how to calculate the power needed to transmit!! >>>> I want to transmit a signal with a range of 400m , but I am not sure about the power??
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