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  1. Hi. I'm new to the forums. I was experimenting with a color TV flyback, using a 2N3055 driver (I DO NOT want to kill myself with a ZVS) and i was getting an arc to ground with a spark gap I built, and then out of nowhere; my flyback stopped working. I was using a 10 volt 750 mA power supply. I checked the power supply with my multi-meter and it still read 10 volts and 750mA. I checked my transistor by using a different circuit and the transistor was fine. None of my resistors blew, but I did find one thing: my flyback was giving out .9 volts on the secondary! I'm thinking that I might have to buy a new flyback. If anybody knows where to get a cheap flyback online for about 6 US dollars, it would be great.
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