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  1. this attach file is a new design of....please download it and help me . please help me in simulation it and highlight the most important features of the design Design and simulate a two stage CMOS operational amplifier shown in the Fig., for these conditions:  DC Voltage Gain > 60dB  Unity Gain Bandwidth > 70MHz  Phase Margin > 50 degrees  Power Dissipation: as low as possible  Technology: 2µm  Power Supply: 3.3V  Load Capacitance: 2pF  Output Voltage Swing > 2Vp-p  Make a unity feedback buffer and check the settling time of the circuit when you inject a step voltage to the input with rise and fall time of 1µs.
  2. this is a circuit for compensation an op amp. i want to analyze it but i can't.can any body solve it for me? ;D :D :o Project_ELEIII_90912.zip
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