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  1. It is simple! 1uF(105)=1000nF 10uF=10X1uF(105)=106 100uF=100X1uF=107 so on... 2.2uF=225 47uF=476 1nF(102)=1000pF 10nF=103 100nF=104 10nF=103 68nF=683
  2. Hello, I find sony new oled panel with 0.7inch and have 1280X768 resolution,I am very interest and want to design a product with this panel ,but I cannot get the panel detail files. Can you get any detail document? If yes,please mail to me ,thanks very much! My mail is [email protected] the attached file is the simple document from sony website! ecx331_332a.pdf
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