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  1. Can I use this 1.8" TFT LCD http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-1-8-spi-lcd-module-with-microsd-led-backlight-for-arduino-mega-atmel-atmega.htmlto make it show graphic? Or all the TFT LCD can display graphic?
  2. What kind of sensors can be used with Arduino, like UNO, mega 2560. I am going to make a project and I want to use sensors like distance, temperature and so on but I don't have enough information about it. I am also wondering if there is requirements in choosing a sensor... What should i pay attention to when using these two sensors?http://www.sainsmart.com/ultrasonic-...ce-sensor.html and this sensor http://letsmakerobots.com/node/30209
  3. I bought the online a sainsmart 8 channel dc 5v relay module for arduino. When i powered my system up, the module turn really hot. My connections are, Vcc to 24vdc, Gnd to ground, In1-8 to the digital outputs of my arduino. Everything seemed connected right.. Another thing, when I tried pulling out the jumper connected between Vcc to JD-VCC, then powered it up, the relays and other components didn't turn hot, but the problem is, it didn't respond to the digital inputs that I sent from the arduino..
  4. I'm having trouble with a set of relays that I bought. It is the small set that only has the two relays on the board. http://www.sainsmart.com/relay/arduino-pro-mini.html I've tried wiring them every way imaginable and they still won't work properly. The only way they will come on at all, is if I put my 5 VDC to the VCC terminal, and they will not actuate with the outputs from the controller. I've tried them with two different Arduino Uno's. I'm also not sure which is the proper placement for the jumper. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be most appreciated.
  5. Etam


    I found this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1SzYFKoh4A on youtube. I think it is using this LCD 4884 http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-graphic-lcd4884-shield-for-arduino-duemilanove-uno-mega2560-mega1280.html and this distance sensor http://www.sainsmart.com/ultrasonic-ranging-detector-mod-hc-sr04-distance-sensor.html .But which software? Arduino 1.0.1 or Arduino 0023?
  6. I have looked it up on www.sainsmart.com and found a kit that is not so hard to get started. I am planning to buy the a similar Arduino kit, can someone recommend some for me? The kit should be like this one: http://www.sainsmart.com/multimeter-usb-oscilloscope-meter-signal-generator-module/sainsmart-uno-lcd-keypad-prototype-shield-hc-sr04-distance-sensor-kit-4-arduino.html
  7. I bought a Sansmart kit on www.sainsmart.com The kit includes : a Sainsmart UNO (http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-u...arduino-1.html) a Sainsmart Sensor Shield V5 (http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-s...rvo-motor.html) a Sainsmart 12864 LCD module(http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-1...duino-avr.html) The kit worked very well after I connect it and I have been thinking about using this kit for more projects by connecting it with some sensors like temperature sensor, distance sensor, etc. This is the perfect kit for a starter to get acquainted with Arduino and when you dig into it, you’ll learn more and more and find it’s like a piece of cake and there are a number of Arduino enthusiasts willing to help. I should have bought this earlier. I thought that only when I understand some professional knowledge about it, can I get my hands on it. But it’s not the case at all. This kit is the easiest to setup and use. I recommend it to everyone who wants to dabble now.
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