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  1. i am thinking of getting the siren alarm from beginner kit and the flashing led light can you help me figure a way to connect them and put then on the same power supply i also need to figure out how to make a trigger that will trigger them both i have an idea but id liek to have soem other ideas im so confused ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
  2. this is what i got from post you want to make it so your vcr only pust out audio signals correct ok to do that just open it up locate the out put device for teh video and remove it
  3. ok try this add a dos componet to the solar pannel and try to hook up some tipe of allarm for when the dos loses teh light so you can add a motor and a controller to move it with and whenthe alarm goes off just reset the posit
  4. you said it was the board detecting teh extra flow im just a noob but you might try bypassing the sensor if you want more voltage than it will let you have a way you might bypass it is to solder a wire to the connector and solder it to the next componet
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