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  1. Thanks for your valuable effort

  2. Thank you It works for me as you said. I am grateful.
  3. Hi all I need help to open the attached auto battery charger pcb file downloaded from Russian electronics websites. here is the link to the site. http://kazus.ru/forums/showpost.php?p=137986&postcount=1 I downloaded sprint layout viewer to view and print the file without success. I will be grateful for any assistance. Charger_Acid_Auto.rar
  4. I intend to power the amp with a 12v lead acid battery that is why am looking for a car amplifier IC. Pls can you recommend any good (10-20) watts IC, not necessary for car, that can work fine with this low voltage.
  5. The IC is available here in Lagos. How about I the quality of the sound? Thank you.
  6. audioguru thank you for the information I search the internet and come across this (TDA7350). pls can it be a good car audio amp IC?
  7. audioguru thank u for the reply Alibaba have it in stock in china. http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/tda1554.html how about TDA2009A can I go for it?
  8. Hi all I want to built the attached car stereo amplifier, please can somebody advice me about the quality of the sound or recommend another good stereo amplifier for me, I will be grateful for any assistance.
  9. Hi all I bought three (3) packs of nimh (AA 1100mA) battery which i want to solder together, pls i need advice on whether to go ahead or not.
  10. Hi all I bought six pcs of 10k thermistors made in china to built a usb nimh battery charger attached below but when measured with a tester they reads from 6.4k to 6.8k at 31 degree celcius (ambient temperature0. please are these thermistors good? i will be grateful for any assistance.
  11. audioguru Thank you for the information. Pls do you know any available good fm stereo transmitter ic
  12. Hi all I want to build the attached Silicon chip micromitter fm stereo transmitter kit. please can somebody advice me about the kit, especially the quality of the sound.
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