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  1. Hello everyone, I just need some help about my Power Supply TTI-QPX1200SP, The Problem is that when I Turn On the Supply, it takes some time for Initializing and after some time suddenly a message appear on Power Supply Screen, the message is "This may cause the over heating or some other problem, turn it on again," and power supply stop responding, plz help me about repairing of Supply, its urgent, Thanks
  2. Hello Guys I need some help about "Wavetek Function Generator Model 95". The problem is when ever I power on this needs calibration and it takes almost 20 min. I consult service manual of wavetek function generator but no success I got. Please tell me some. Thanks
  3. Hello again Guys, I want to know about Toroiadal Transformer Designing, Characterisitcs and so on. Please tell me best source of info about Toroidal Transformer.
  4. Hello GUYS, I have a software of oscilloscope which allows to use sound card's line in port to use as input signal, I want to know the max input voltage of mic or line in port. Please tell me what is right. Thanks
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