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  1. mosfets are very dear here , and  the npn power trannys are cheaper and i can use the 2n3058 to besides the 2n3055  for the ignition coil driver , the 2n3058 can handle more voltage than the 2n3055 but then i use 12 volts lead acid cell batteries so im satisfied with the great arcs i get from 12 volts , i have no need for any more voltage input than i can allready get

  2. oh by the way if it takes to long to read all my posts . when exsperimenting with my high voltage output flyback transformer some time back, useing the same driver circuit , a wire come off a pot and the whole circuit went into resonance , acording to what i was told , the flyback would of went into resonance with the mosfet, resulting in super longer arcs , allso at the time i was allso runing the hv outputs through a modified high voltage polarity indicater , i think, anyhow if ya get it right youll be suprized at how far the arcs would go , and the battery i was useing, i think i was useing the high power 12 volts lead acid cell rechargeble battery for it

  3. :)very unusual teddy, what looks like  2 high voltage outputs is actually one high voltage output and the other the return , and the inputs well the neg is normally allso the return but i see its not , just different . i have a high voltage flyback transformer and it has a hv out and return both at the top  like your coil has them both at the front, keep up the good work tedy lets see ya driver circuit for it , is it the same as the ones i use they are easyer to make to

  4. thankyou audio guru ill try that one to, all though there are more 741 circuits on the net to and the one i used before was one of them so i welcome the extra. oh by the way i tried that circuit you said to try and its not very good it dont work, the powerfull rare earth magnets have to be sitting on top of the coil and moved, like brushing it to get any reaction, from the audio amp , however the latest way i have it set up its so sensitive that i dont have to swing the magnet, i can raise it and lower it and get an effect in fact at nearly 10mm is pritty great range  thats with the magnet away from the coil , and with the 1k and 10uf  removed from the 741 circuit, and i taped to the led leg  before the 10 ohms resister  and i conected the other coil input to somewhere else , now  my nine volts batteries aint full charge so the second was just a helper and when i removed the 9 volts battery from the preamp section it still worked , by just the induced voltage into the coil from the slightest movement of the magnet  and with the battery back in its more responsive , and even though it aint audio signal i think, to be boosted  at least im getting some form of sound from the amp section. ive saved that latest you posted so il be trying it to

  5. :)still conducting tests of this circuit, but i decided to intergrate the audio amp to it  again and try something else and got a more sensitive  response of the circuit with the few powerfull rare earth magnets from further away from the coil  but even though the wieght of all the rare earth magnets may be a little bit hevey , ill just have to work on the coil by putting sensitive  springs in so it will bounce more easyer than the magnets would to vibrations

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