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  1. :)well when they reach 20,000 i guess we can all email each other a liuqiud crystal drink with any lcd displays. ive been keeping track on the growing membership and the views, of how many people view the stuff in the high voltage stuff section , one day it jumped around 500 or more i think it was in just a few days but that was once, and that was the high voltage photo flash capacitor charger topic
  2. :) we are nearly at the 20,000 members mark here so soon its time to celebrate
  3. while im here dose anyone have a sensitive light activated relay circuit that triggers the relay when the on light flickers at any number of times . this ones a hard one so i wonder if anyone has such a circuit . otherwise its back to data crunching and serching
  4. heres the latest pictures i made the printed circuit board for this simple sensitive geophone like circuit i removed the electro and i used matrix pins for the batteri leads and the coil, i solderd 2 short lenghts of tinned coper wire , about 0.71mm to the matrix pins and then i solderd them to the spade conecters of the microwave oven moter coil, so that it is suspended above the main board . now this setup makes the coil bounce to shockwaves or vibrations but its still not sensitive enougth as i want it to vibrate to the tap of my finger so ill use something more better than tinned coper wire to suport the coil , something that has the flexibility of a fin sensitive spring , the red led ill latter change to white and use some kind of relay triggering circuit that can trigger to the flicking of the white led, when i can find one that dose that , near the board you will see some matrix pins these are handy to use and you dont have to remove the board from the project box with any wires in the way, just to rotate it upside down to resolder any loose wires, in this case the wires are solderd to the matrix pins at the top makeing it easyer to resolder loose wires that may come off. the magnets i use well the metal thing with square magnet on it is from a fishtank air pump and i just stuck 3 powerfull rare earth magnets from a pc hard drive i once dismantled to the square magnet and another round magnet to the bottom of that, that can protrude into the center coil hole easy
  5. thankyou audio guru it dose look like a speaker hey, i have a better picutre of the geophone but its in my kodack pictures but when i go to look at it its there but when i go to choose the file with it to post it i go to look at it first to see if ive got the right one and its not there so i cant find it anyhow im takeing notes of your exspert diagnostics so i can improve them better , and im out of printer paper , oh what next , ill have to save the whole thing to d drive
  6. i couldent find the right picture but this will do
  7. :)here is a picture of what the actual geophone looks like inside so ill have to do some constrution here to get the coil as bouncy as possible to be sensitive
  8. :)the 741 inverting or non inverting amp circuit i got that off the net i just added the coil to it and led and current limiting resister, and as for the first circuit well its the circuit that allows ac to controll dc i just modified it so the dc led comes on from the induced ac into the coil from the magnet , ill take out the diode and second tranny to as recamended by you audio guru
  9. :)ill work on it more then but the latest picture here works perfect to and the led responds incredibly easy to the most tinyest movements of the magnets as for the 104 monoblock in the other with the lm386 op amp well i used the same circuit as did with the super snooper type circuit i think it was yours oe staigens idea to use the 104 so i used it from the pin to ground
  10. :)this next circuit is just the 741 inverting op amp or non inverting op amp circuit with a few samll changes made to it as for the small led , well i had a 1k current limiting resister for it but changed it to 390 ohms then i ended up settleing for the 2.2k as each test with each resister resulted in top performance and sensitivity with the 2.2k current limiting resister for the led, as if its made the whole circuit more sensitive , and the tiny led although is lite it responds to the tinyest movement of the rare earth magnets and it dose it good to the led intensity changes are easy to see and the more the vibrating movements of the magnet the more it will react , i can just barely hold the magnets still enougth to stop the led from reacting thats how sensitive it is , and with a tiny camera lense peace it will be easyer to notice the led intensity changes like its flickering and even on and off to the movements of the magnet
  11. here is the latest pictures and circuits , the first one is the 7141 inverting or non inverting op amp circuit i added to the lm386 audio amp and with the microwave oven coil in place this one makes audio nioses to the movement of the powerfull rare eath magnets held above it but this one still aint as sensitive as i want it
  12. :)thankyou audio guru ive did some more exsperiments and used an lm386 audio amp circuit now ive got audio but ive allso made a really sensitive one which works great ill add your changes to it and post the others soon
  13. :)i welcome any modifications and changes to this circuit, oh the 2 transisters are bc547b types that transister is an improvement over the bc547 a types transister
  14. audio guru its just got one small led and youll have to see the circuit to as you may want to make some corections ill put it up soon, by the way i receaved email notification of reply to this topic but when i double clicked on it to get here i got a different page wanting details and password , is there some virus here wanting our login details , anyhow i shut it off and came here the other way
  15. :)heres the latest ive been exsperimenting with an idea , first the inner section of the geophone , is a cylindrical cylender with a fine coil around it this cylender is suported by sensitive springs , 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom and through the cylender is a magnet now i beleave the soft highly springy springs that make the coil on the cylender move up and down to the vibrations of the ground, and the magnet inside that goes through it generate the tiny voltage and the circuit well it would need to detect this tiny voltage and amplify it to a usefull level heres what ive come up with , first i modified the circuit in my collection that i posted some time before , thats the circuit that allows ac to controll a dc relay , now ive left out the relay and put in a 3mm led and unknown diode 2b3 i think it has on it and then on the bread board i used some of the same parts to as the circuit has but i allso added some more and i used the disc shaped coil from the microwave oven moters i pulled to bits and 3 powerfull rare earth magnets from pc hardrives now i have a circuit that responds to the slight movement of the magnets above the coil , the led is allready lite briefly so the tiny movements of the magnet makes it go brighter or blink brighter , now if i hold the magnets stiffly above the coil and tap the top of my hand the vibrations and tiny jerky movement of my hand from being tapped makes the led react so easily , so now it would be easyer to have the coil , being lighter and easyer to vibrate, sitting above the magnet and suported by very sensitive springs to so im getting some good results , now the led wont react to the powerfull ceramic magnets from microwave oven magnetrons so easy unlless you have ten of them but the powwerfull rare earth magnets sure do it easy for just 3 of them , ill post the circuit and details as soon as ive completed it all , ive allso added an extra transister to and parts so i may end up haveing an easer version of ground vibration detecter or earth quake detecter to but the real test is when i can get and modify a coil to be very shock and vibration sensitive to test for foot step detection of which is what i hope it to do the magnets when held above the coil work when subjected to upward and downward vibrations of movements and not so much for side ways unlless the round magnet stuck to the bottom of the 3 powerfull ones is protrudeing into the coil, the magnets being heveyer than the coil would need more vibration to create a reaction so the coil would need to be above the magnet in this approach , as i dont have any cylendrical rare earth magnets to go through the coil to use
  16. thankyou audio guru the electronic deer repelant circuit is what its used in but i geuss that part would be hard to get here at the local electronics store , its not even in my catalouge , oneday they might draw circuits that use parts that are not to old and easy to get
  17. :)has anyone got the data on this ic and allso any replacements if any the info for this ic aint so freely availiable on the net without haveing to log in to get it , this is an ic not a classified peace of plastic where ya have to log in and go through the paper work just to veiw its details . so i come here the best site on the net and the best brains on earth , great to be a member of
  18. :)http://www.bgmicro.com/prodinfo.asp?sid=04652314814814816624966143&prodid=KIT1019&page=1&cri=KIT&stype=2
  19. here is a picture of the geophone circuit kit the metal thing on the left is the actual geophone
  20. ive found a simple looking geophone kit thats sold on the net but , i cant find any free circuits for it , they said they mounted it on a board and berried it under some dirt and it has leds on it and the closer it senses the footseps of people and even cats the more leds will light up, this circuit sounds simple but unlike other ones on the net that are technicle and use parts that even i cant get here, but the kit well from the picture it has only a few parts but im chaseing for the actual circuit schematics for that kit, or has anyone got a simpler circuit for one and allso the details to make a geophone to, besides the circuit for it
  21. happy birthady ante from australia
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