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  1. :) in these pictures, i used the high volatge , multiplier circuit, from my green colourd hand powerd ,high voltage output generator, the microwave oven motor/generator i used to power this circuit up is larger in size , i used a thick rectangle perspex block with a hole drilled in it ,to use as a turn peace ,for the moter generator, the positive high voltage output from the high voltage multiplier circuit i run to a barrel shaped 10 ohms resistor. dont know how many watts it is. and across the resister terminals i solder a capacitor, whether its needed or not i just tried it, the neon globe i had in my parts draws is rated at 120 volts and i used a 1m 1/4 watt resister with it, to indicate if the photo flash capacitor is charged up ok, the neon comes on after i rotated the microwave oven moter generater backwards and forwards, enought times till the neon comes on ,then i short the capacitor out to see if its charged up ok and even if i put my finger across the capacitor that has been charged up i can feel it tingleing well , if the capacitor is slightly over charged, this hasent damage that capacitor yet, in the picture are the red positive output terminal for the capacitor positive and the black negative output terminal for the negative voltage to the capacitor under charge, in one of the photos i put a lead pencil there to point at the neon globe, the 2 diode chain i used are both 3 amp rated. at 1kv. the circuit before failed when i used 2x uf4007 diodes so i tried these instead. ive managed to chargfe that high voltage photo flash capacitor up time after time with no problems, so it works ok and this will pave the way for more improvements to come, and a flyback transformer high voltage capacitor charger to
  2. :) more experiments useing the high voltage multuiplier circuit from that hand power high voltage generater, with a few parts i was able to recharge that same capaciotr fully or just over, again and again with no faults so soon ill be posting the first hand powerd high voltage photo flash capacitor charger, as soon as i put together a neon charge indicater of some kind, to indicate the capacitor is charged. in this one im useing a larger metal microwave oven motor/ generater that wont fit inside the hand power generater houseing.
  3. you will find the humen infrared body heat detecter in discouver circuits webb site, the circuit is there
  4. :) go to the talking electronics webb site they specialize in bugging devices , ive biult there big ear bug and you can use that to hear conversations from a really good distance and the telephone bug ive read about that one to or similiar , and the voyager bug well it sits on a 9 volts battery.
  5. :) go to talking electronics web site you may find what you seek, in transmitters car trackers etc and other things, the circuit looks a bit similiar or other to the beeper bug circuit that sends a tone to a nearby radio, this transmitter can be used to track stolen objects via the radio
  6. intresting ive got the lazer radar detecter that detects those hand held radar guns the police use or used to use. as for lasers measureing distance yeh theyve got a spirit leveler out that uses a laser to give you the strait line and i think it measures to, ive seen it at the hardware but dident look into its function very much
  7. ive herd about these id chips to in australia there used to identify the owner of the dog if it gets lost or found and the information on the chips can have details of the owner to etc etc they use a hand held scanner of some kind to scan the detail information from the chip i think there was talk about useing that chip to identify criminals or repeat offenders to or something smiliar , another technology here in use is microdot spray it contains microdot chips and has the information of the owner of the car it is sprayed onto, like under the car in a spot where you only have to scan it with a microdot scanner to get all the information on the owner if the car gets stolen
  8. hello ive seen the circuit before on the net it was called the infrared bodsy heat detector, but the circuit was that big that you have to move the page to the left and right just to see it all ill try find it and report back when i do
  9. got it but downloading the tutorial wasent much ok as i got error message
  10. i tried to have a look but i got the 404 and it told me it cannot be found
  11. i tried another test to charge that same photo flash capacitor up but it failed and to make things worce , thne microwave oven motor/generater, with the metal shaft, of which i assumed to have metal internal cog to, ended up breaking down so i had to dismantle the whole moter generater, onlt to find the inside cogs are plastic, to the cogs are ok, but its the part at the bottom of the metal shaft that sits into it ,that was made o plastic had striped , so i pulled out my spare hand powerd generater and tried it but it didewnt charge the capacitor up full as the 3kv ceramics in the hv multiplier inside the houseing was lower in value than the other hand powerd generater, so ill be concidering useing my high voltage output flyback transformer and a high voltage resister devider to charge these capacitors up with, as the high voltage resister devider, when hooked up to the flyback transformer gave me an output reduced to 240 volts which is nearly what i need to charge capacitors with
  12. today i did a simple exsperiment with my high voltage output hand powerd generater and useing a photo flash capacitor in my collection of high voltage capacitors, i was able to charge this capacitor fully or more like over as you can feel the charge in the capac itor with my finger after i disconected the generater wire, this is something you dont get as when these capacitors are charged up in the camera you can put your finger across the capacitor terminals and feel nothing unlless you have 2 in sieries but this one acted like a pair in sieries, and useing a screw dxreiver to short the capacitor results in the big, pop as usual, the load on the hand power generater that makes it harder to turn is only a little bit as i rotate it forwards and backwards this loading ocurss e few times then drops out so the moter is erasy to turn again
  13. mp thanks, the information for these capacitors i collected was in my big collection of circuits i dont know the details for the bottle capacitor i dont have the specs for the leydon jars one but there is more to uploads yet i got from a book at the local library a few years ago so this next one will give you details to biuld the leydon jar type electrostatic capacitor, ive only tried the film can capacitors but mine dident work as i think i needed more foil on it
  14. here is the circuit for a infrared tv remote blocker ill redo it again soon even with the details to
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