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  1. :) thiws is the best i can do maybe you could edit this picture
  2. dazza ive posted other tesor units before, allso includeing the logic ic tester, check it out
  3. :) page 3 of electronic project/ design ideas you will find my in circuit transistor testor the dazza
  4. its under the topic in circuit transistor tester, dazza
  5. dazza i posted that dicksmiths one a while ago if you cant find it ill find it for you
  6. :)dazza have you allready seen the posting of my in circuit transister tester i uploaded before, it works really good to, not bad fro a kit,
  7. :)mozikluv which transistor tester are you refering to ive uploaded 2 i think but the one i biult from a kit is the best one to biuld as it works by shorting out the leds
  8. :)thanks audio guru i just uploaded it from my collection of circuits i collect off the net
  9. :)heres a leydon jar like an electrostatic capacitor
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