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  1. capacitor brackets to put capacitors in are handy you will see what i mean if you go to the high voltage stuff section look at poor mans plasma display and metalic discharge globes i used capacitor holders in these to hold the pvc pipes, you can allso make your own capacitor holders freom pvc storm water pipes youll see the details in home made capaciotr holders in the high voltage stuff section, and if you veiw all my postings on flyback driver circuits or home made pvc circuit boxes youll see a home made electro holder on the back of one of them
  2. :) dureing more testing of one of my many flyback driver circuits a wire came off one of the 2x 10 k pots this i think may of been responsible for throwing the flyback transformer into resonance with the n channel mosfets as i got the most longest arcs ive ever had and at 16 mm or just over that was incredible. and i was runing the high voltage output from the flyback transformer through the simple modified high voltage polarity indicater at that time, i call that the high voltage polarity indicater voltage optimizer it really helped to . to give optimiun voltage arcs ,
  3. :)there is more to come yet these circuits were from chaos labs , / slava persions voltage labs allso had stuff in it to but he had to shut his site down because , of complaints from people, who were receaving threats from others who were gona biuld these things, the hand held herf circuit which i will upload yet is the best one and it came from voltage labs.
  4. theres a few transister sockets out ones for the power transister and i use them and you can plug leds into them to, and theres 2 other ones which i got from dismantleing junk for parts like old tvs, you may find one, in them if your lucky
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