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  1. by useing the same 12 volts automoble indicater flasher unit i constructed simple reverse mode transformer pulse testerm it can be used to test ignition coils out to , now the relay and its internal electro get charged up and as the relay flasher activates like a relay dose it then closes the battery circuit thus permiting voltage to flow between relay activation times so every time the flash unit activates , a dc pulse will flow to the transformer, and as the relays internal capacitor runs low the relay then shuts off,. when this happens, a reverse voltage kick back pulse from the irelay indicater flasher units internal coil will flow back to the transformer in reverse mode so what you feel is 2 timed pulses one big and one small
  2. :) suraj like any bridge rectifier they put out paulsating dc voltage, all you have to do is use a high voltage polarity indicator to check or other then use the right filter capacitor then regulater circuit. but in this case the high voltage bridge rectifier made from midrowave oven diodes would need a higher voltage rated filter capacitor and other things i dont have
  3. :)suraj ive did hundreads of circuit redraws to, but with circuit maker
  4. :)sasi i dont know anything about this compression utilities ,what happens if you uncomppress it
  5. :)here are a few circuits ill qadd more as i go
  6. ;)i hope this helps in any ideas or deisgn updates
  7. :D the 7912 regulator, ct -12 volts current 1 amp case type to 220 . fixed voltage regulator
  8. ante i dont have any pics of the poor mans plasma lamp in action as its so light, the white streamers that is that you would have to have the light on to see them and even useing a flash on the camera would be like turning the light on, then you wont see them so well, ill put more power or voltage into it next time
  9. :)in yhis picture is a large plasma globe exsperiment i biult some time ago. on the left is a 750 watt large globe and it sits on a length of small diameter pvc pipe, and glued into place, under it is a thick blue insulated wire solderd to the bottom contacts of this globe, which is run down the center of the pvc pipe then out a small hole just up from the bottom then spiral wound down to the base , where it sits on the wood platform. the wire is then run through a hole in the wood platform and away. the second pvc pipe is the high voltage return, both white pvc pipes are coverd in black tape to give a good appearence. the pipes are secured to the wood platform useing electrolytic capacitor clamps. what ever you call them. now inside the high voltage return pipe on the right is another thick blue wirem this runs up inside the pvc pipe and is secured to a l shaped coat hanger wire which comes out the top a little, and at that end i used a rubber suction cup from a high voltage flyback transformer wire that you find ,stuck to the back of any tv tube or computer monitor, under this cup that fits perfectly on the top of this ,large 750 watt globe is an alliuminium disc thats in contact with the l shaped coat hanger wire that sticks into it, the whole setup is run fromm iether my high voltage output of a flyback transformer powerd by the flyback transformer driver circuit, or from a multi ignition coil setup powerd from an ignition coil driver circuit. the streamers in the globe are light white and you can see them with the lights out in the dark only. with the top cup off the globe and a good peace of foil i got better arc when i hold the foil in my hands, these streamers comeinmg right through the glass globe into the foil in my hands, pending on how close i hold the foil to the glass globe
  10. :)here is a picture of one of my green colour, high voltage tripplers, these are few and far between and in australia , ive pulled many tv-s to bits and i rarely find these, unlless im lucky, this high voltage trippler , when used with one car igni5tion coil driven by an ignition coil driver circuit, will put out triple dose high voltage arcs, in my postings youll see one and another larger one that is square and black colourd
  11. :)the latest generator ill soon be working on is powerd from a large high speed electric motor, one of my motor generators that i replaced with a better one had internal plastic cog damage . so i removed the round magnet, that i was told has several poles. and stuck it to the end shaft peace of that motor. i then inserted it into the coil section of the generater, then i fired it up and it works ok
  12. :) the picture of this mofet testor, is very neat. i used a large intergrated circuit socket and cut out 3 sections to use as a mosfet socket, to plug the mosfet into, before testing it, i sent one of these simple n channel mosfet tester to a friend of mine and he took it in to show some coleages of his. they had a really exspensive n channel mosfet tester but for the size and super cheap price it costs to biuld mine. they were imppressed.
  13. :) i redrew this circuit for this ufo detecter useing circuit maker, beleave it or not , i once used a bundle of tiny rare earth magnets at each end in the ufo detecter as shown above but rectangle is better, than tiny round rare earth magnets
  14. ive dissmantled this high voltage rectifier circuit made from 12 kv microwave oven diodes and made another high voltage polarity indicater, voltage optimizer as i call it because it seems to give optimin arcs when used for the hv out and return s of my high voltage circuits
  15. :) no problems pal if its imformative its handy, all that data, i think electronics lab is a super information high way for all those who are into electronics, and inspirations, credit to mp and electronics lab.
  16. if you try restoreing your computer to an earlyer time, and it dosent help, if you and someone else has pc anywhere then yous could do a computer linkup and that person can check your system out for you . i had pc anywhere and my brother on the other on the othe side of australia had it and i aurthorized him to check my computer from 4000 kilometers away, so i was sitting there watching my curser move around by itself and go through my computer as my brother was doing it from his computer, i think windows xp may have a similiar thing to, otherwise , a complete reformatt will be the best chioce,
  17. :)wheres the attached circuit file
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